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What a change you brought to my people! Their approach, cognitive cognition and questioning has totally changed. Obliged.


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Conflict resolution, problem solving and decision making are must-have skills in nowaday managers or executives. If you want to learn this new and innovative technique, enrol in our online course!

The ILM endorsed Practical Problem Solving eLearning course is centred round the concept of using a single A3-size sheet of paper that is used to capture knowledge from each problem solving activity. This type of lean methodology has been used by many highly successful organisations and can be applied in a range of circumstances.

For example, the car manufacturer and multinational corporation Toyota use this methodology to train their employees in a proven and structured problem-solving approach which directly increases their success.

This Practical Problem Solving course provides participants with the understanding of, and the skills to apply the A3 process effectively in the workplace. The learners will know how to describe a problem, its nature, scope and impact, understand how and when to use the Seven Quality Tools and the importance of visual management techniques to expose abnormalities against a standard or plan.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information through Emagister's website and an assessor will get in touch with you.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

To acquire the tools, techniques and confidence to resolve problems with processes, products and services. To gain an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) endorsed certificate in Practical Problem Solving.


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Lo mejor What a change you brought to my people! Their approach, cognitive cognition and questioning has totally changed. Obliged.

A mejorar Nothing negative.

Curso realizado: Abril 2016 | ¿Recomendarías este centro?
Lo mejor By far the best course I have done in a long duration. I actually erudite throughout the three days and took away a load of practical tools I can’t wait to use. Much obliged.

A mejorar Nothing.

Curso realizado: Mayo 2016 | ¿Recomendarías este centro?

¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Decision Making
Staff Motivation
Coaching Skills
Managing Conflict
Conflict Resolution
Problem Solving
Listening Skills
Seven Quality Tools
A3 Methodology
Practical Problem Solving
Visual Management Techniques
Conflict Managemen


Course review:

The course is designed around 4 modules and includes sub sections covering the following topics:
  • Module 1 - An Introduction to Problem Solving
  • Knowledge assessment
  • Module 2 - Exposing Abnormalities
  • Knowledge assessment
  • Module 3 - Seven Quality Tools
  • Knowledge assessment
  • Module 4 - A3 Methodology
  • Knowledge assessment - Final multi choice
By the end of this course the participants will feel confident to lead problem solving activities within their own organisations. The next step will be to apply the learning to a real life project and acquire the Level 3 certificate in service improvement qualification.

Información adicional

Duration of course: Based on feedback, the average time to complete is 6 hours (Broken down into 10 to 15 minute bite size learnings). The system tags your progress and the next time you log in you simply pick up from where you finished last time.

Structure: 4 modules with knowledge assessments + final assessment at completion

Support materials: 50 page elearning course notes mailed out on registration.

Assessment: 40 multiple choice questions assessment at the end of the course (75% pass mark)

Price: £179 (Includes, course, guidance notes booklet, A3 template and Institute certificate)