Applied Quantitative Management Techniques

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  • Short course
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    4 Months
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This Course Provides fundamental principles, problem areas and techniques of Quantitative Methods for business and management. Students will be introduced to the basic concepts of modelling and analysis for supporting decision making. Concepts are introduced through examples of applications. Tools used include basic algebra, graphing and Excel.
A basic knowledge of Mathematics, Statistics and Excel.

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Decision Making
Basic IT training
Basic IT
MS Excel
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After the Course Completition, the Students should have gained an appreciation for the role quantitative methods play in business decision-making, Achieved a degree of facility modeling and solving management problems using Microsoft Excel, Learned how to employ quantitative decision techniques to analyze managerial problems, Increased critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills.
This is a short term course with the following contents: Spreadsheet Modeling, Introduction to Probability, Probability Distributions, Decision Analysis, Utility and Game Theory, Introduction to Linear Programming, Linear Programming Sensitivity Analysis, Linear Programming Applications, Project Scheduling, Waiting Line Models, Simulation. The Students will Learn how to employ quantitative decision techniques to analyze managerial problems.