Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE) in Upstream International Petroleum – Oil and Gas – Production, Accounting, Joint Venture, Lease and Sales Contracts (Intensive Full-Time) (Paris, France)

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
En Paris, France (Francia)

£45.000 - ($37.917.970)

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  • Curso intensivo
  • Paris, france (Francia)
  • 360 horas de clase
  • Duración:
    3 Months
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This Course is Designed For:
Finance Directors and Managers
Financial Controllers
Chief Accountants
Treasury Officers
Asset Accountants
Joint Venture Accountants
Management Accountants
Internal and External Auditors
Government Regulators
Financial Analysts
Public Accountants
Government Ministers,
Chief Executives
Managing Directors
Engineers and Geologist
Drilling and Refinery Managers
Marketing and Sales Directors & Managers
Others interested in the operation of the Oil and Gas Industry, its regulation, exploration, production, and accounting systems

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Requisitos: Degree or Relevant Work Experience


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Paris, France
Rue de Valois, 75001, (75) Paris, Francia
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Oil and Gas
Accounting MBA
Full Time
Financial Training
Sales Training
Upstream Oil and Gas Accounting
Authorisation for Expenditure
Joint venture agreement


Limited Contents, Concepts and Issues:
Module 1: Upstream Oil and Gas Accounting and Contracts: Oil and Gas Operation, Mineral Rights, Leases and Successful Efforts AccountingUpstream Oil and Gas OperationsClassification of Oil and Gas OperationUpstream: Exploration and Production SectorMidstream: Trading and TransportationDownstream Activities: Oil Refining and Marketing Including Introduction to Oil and Gas Accounting (1)Nondrilling Exploration Costs – Successful EffortsAcquisition Costs of Unproved Property – Successful EffortsAcquisition Costs of Unproved Property – Successful EffortsModule 2: Advanced Oil and Gas Accounting: International Petroleum Accounting (1)Accounting ConceptsFinancial Governance and Standardization InstitutionsDrilling Development Costs – Successful EffortsProved Property Cost Disposition – Successful EffortsFull Cost AccountingAccounting for Production ActivitiesModules 3-6: International Joint Venture and Joint Venture Accounting
Principles of International Joint VentureWhat is a Joint Venture?General Characteristics of Joint VenturesFunctional Types of Joint Venture RelationshipsAdvantages and Disadvantages of Joint VenturesJoint Venture vs. PartnershipStructural Components of a Typical Joint VentureTransaction Checklists for Forming a Joint VentureAlternatives to Joint Ventures for Entering Foreign MarketsLegal and Regulatory Aspects of Joint Venture ActivitiesEnterprise LawsCommercial LawsRelated Commercial Law IssuesContract LawsSales of Goods TransactionsDebtor-Creditor LawsMarket AnalysisSocial and Political FactorsCountry AnalysisThe Roles of the Parties to Joint VentureThe Foreign PartyThe Local PartyThe Local RegulatorsProfessional AdvisorsOther Business PartnersParties to the Joint Venture: The SelectionLocating Potential Joint Venture PartnersDue Diligence InvestigationEvaluating Potential Joint Venture PartnersOther Topics:Success or Failure of Joint Venture: FactorsConfidentiality AgreementLegal Entity Selection for Joint VenturesJoint Venture Terms NegotiationBusiness Plan for Joint VentureSecuring Government ApprovalFinancing and Insuring the Joint VenturesForming the Joint VentureManagement and Control of the Joint VentureOperation the Joint VentureCrisis ManagementTerminating the Joint VentureVenturers’ AgreementJoint Venture AccountingInterest in Joint Ventures: International Accounting StandardModules 7-8: SAP and Joint Venture AccountingSales and Accounts ReceivablesPurchases and Accounts PayableFixed Asset AccountingProject AccountingJoint Venture AccountingCut Back ProcessPartners shareBillable and RecoverableAuthorisation for Expenditure (AFE)Billable and Non-RecoverableNon-Billable and Non-RecoverableExclusiveImplementing Joint Venture accounting agreements within the SAP systemAccount ReconciliationJoint Venture ReportsModules 9-10: Petroleum – Oil and Gas – Production Contracts
Contracts with Contractors for ServicesProduction Platform and FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) Construction AgreementsProduction Platform and FPSO Operating AgreementsContracts for Producing ServicesPlatform ancillary Services AgreementsContracts with other Joint Ventures for ServicesIndicative Tariff and Service Request AgreementsOil and Gas Processing AgreementsOil Transportation AgreementsGas Transportation AgreementsPipeline Tie-In AgreementsPipeline Crossing AgreementsProximity AgreementsAgreements for Use of Producing FacilitiesPower Supply Agreements (Perhaps In Exchange For Production)Power Export AgreementsEmissions Trading and C02 Injection AgreementsPetroleum Sales ContractsOil Sales ContractsGas Sales ContractsLNG and LPG Sales ContractsProduction Exchange AgreementsPetroleum TransactionsProduction Acreage Sale and Purchase and Exchange AgreementsFarm-In AgreementsAsset Exchange AgreementsSale and Leaseback AgreementsSale With Obligation to Take Back at End of ProductionModules 11-12: Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE) in Joint Venture Upstream International Petroleum – Oil and Gas – Production Accounting
Oil and Gas ContractsGovernment AgreementsJoint Operating Agreements (JOAs)Understanding Joint Venture AgreementsConceptualising Joint Venture AgreementsThe Joint Agreement ChecklistJoint Venture Accounting Objects:Joint Operating Agreement (JOA)Equity TypeEquity GroupJoint Venture PartnerRecovery and Billing IndicatorsPre-Unitisation AgreementsUnitisation AgreementsOil and Gas Lifting AgreementsSleeping Partner Agreements (Allowing Some JV Parties To Continue Production)Decommissioning AgreementsDecommissioning Security Agreements, Parent Company Guarantees and Performance BondsAuthorisation for Expenditure (AFE)When is Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE) necessary?Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE) as a ProcessAuthorisation for Expenditure (AFE) as a DocumentFunctions of Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE)Components of Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE)Preparation, Execution and Monitoring Process of Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE)Sample Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE)Drilling Contracts After Approval of AFEDrilling Contract on a Turnkey BasisThe Billing StatementAuthorisation for Expenditure (AFE) in Conjunction with Joint Operating AgreementFailure to Obtain Approval from all working interest owners of an Authority for Expenditure: ResultReapproval of Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE)Consequences for Non-reapproval of Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE)AFEs as Important Controls for Oil and Gas AccountingAccumulation of AFE Activities in the General LedgerExecuting Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE)Reporting of AFE Activities at AFE Level

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