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Calming Upset Customers Online Course (12 months Access)

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In this Calming Upset Customers training course from LearnKey, learn how to deal effectively with angry customers, clients, or colleagues. This carefully designed approach gives you the ability to work through conflicts and remain calm in the work environment. In this Calming Upset Customers training course, you'll learn how to distinguish between a disturbed and upset customer and how to collaborate with each toward a positive, win-win outcome.


Employees will gain the skills to maintain composure in difficult situations.
Your business will benefit from open communication and conflict resolution.
Upset customers will develop trust in your business when their problems are solved.

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Section A: The CSR: A Powerful Choice
and nbsp;*  Self-Assessment
and nbsp;*  You are the Organization
and nbsp;*  The CSR's Job
and nbsp;*  The Quality Call

Section B: Gaining the Professional Edge
and nbsp;*  Manage Conversations
and nbsp;*  Maintain Knowledge
and nbsp;*  Be a Team Player
and nbsp;*  Remain Customer-Focused
and nbsp;*  Advocacy or Error?
and nbsp;*  Personal Responsibility
and nbsp;*  Make a Commitment
and nbsp;*  Assessment

Section C: The All-Important Customer
and nbsp;*  Understanding the Customer
and nbsp;*  Analytical or Assertive?
and nbsp;*  What Do Customers Need?
and nbsp;*  Assessment

Section D: Building Your Skills
and nbsp;*  Listening Effectively
and nbsp;*  Common Courtesy
and nbsp;*  Wrong Impressions
and nbsp;*  Using Common Language
and nbsp;*  Gathering Customer Information
and nbsp;*  Open or Closed?
and nbsp;*  Angry Customers
and nbsp;*  You Take the Call
and nbsp;*  Managing the Technology
and nbsp;*  Writing Effective Email
and nbsp;*  Email Aptitude
and nbsp;*  Preparing a Mental Script
and nbsp;*  Closing the Conversation
and nbsp;*  Assessment

Section E: Attitude: An Important Asset
and nbsp;*  The Impact of Your Attitude
and nbsp;*  Plan for Self-Improvement
and nbsp;*  Conclusion