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Tipología Bachelor's degree
Inicio Birmingham (Inglaterra)
Inicio clases Septiembre 2017
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Birmingham (Inglaterra)
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    Septiembre 2017

The programme is designed to provide you with an intellectually rigorous and up-to-date education in the disciplines of Politics and Economics which will help you to identify and achieve your personal, academic and professional goals.

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Requisitos: Entry requirements ABB-BBB from three subjects.


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West Midlands, B4 7ET, West Midlands, Inglaterra
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comienzo Sep-2017
West Midlands, B4 7ET, West Midlands, Inglaterra
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The programme is designed to provide you with an intellectually rigorous and up-to-date education in the disciplines of Politics and Economics which will help you to identify and achieve your personal, academic and professional goals. The course takes a multidisciplinary approach for those wishing to draw the connections between political and economic phenomena. On the Politics side, you will acquire the ability to analyse and understand political problems, socio-cultural change and political institutions and structures. On the Economics side, you will develop a range of tools needed to solve a variety of complex economic problems. To facilitate this, you will familiarise yourself with appropriate research and analytical skills, developing an ability to investigate a range of political and economic issues, and gaining a sound understanding of how economic and political issues are often closely inter-related in today’s globalised mass society.

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Sample module options: The modules below are indicative only. When an offer is made, students will receive a detailed programme specification which forms part of our terms and conditions.

Year 1

Core modules:
Introduction to Studying and Researching Politics
British Politics since 1945
Introduction to the European Union
Introduction to Micro Economics
Introduction to Macro Economics
Introduction to Business Analytics
Political Economy and Industrial Policy
Principles of Financial Accounting

Year 2

Core modules:
Comparative Government and Politics
Introduction to Political Economy
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics
Regional and Urban Economics
Introduction to Econometrics 1
Emerging and Transitional Economies

Optional modules:
History of Political Thought
Security Studies in a Changing World
Regional Politics and Society
Business, Government & Society
International Business Economics
Introduction to Econometrics 2

Year 3

Placement year

Final Year

Core modules:
Politics & Economics
Research Dissertation
Research and Dissertation Skills
Macroeconomic Policy
Competition Policy – Theory
Competition Policy – Practice

Optional modules:
EuroSim: Learning Negotiation through Simulation Games
The International Relations of East Asia
Religion and Politics in Contemporary Europe
Political Communication
The American Presidency
Nationalism & Political Power
Political Parties and Party Systems
Conflict and Politics in Contemporary Balkans
Contemporary Conflict
Diplomacy and Soft Power
The Far Right in Europe
The Politics of Climate Change
Understanding Foreign Policy
Northeast Asia: From Conflict to Cooperation
Gender and Politics
Interest groups and lobbying
Regions and Regionalism in Europe
Contemporary Political Theory
Political Leaders: Case Studies and Comparative Perspectives
Intellectuals and Politics
Power and Parliamentary Decision-Making
Ethics and International Politics
Economics of Multinational Enterprise
Applied Econometrics and Forecasting
Economics of Business Organisations
Economics of Innovation
Economics of Entrepreneurship
Financial Economics
International Trade