Product design & mangement bsc

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Tipología Bachelor's degree
Inicio Birmingham (Inglaterra)
Inicio clases Septiembre 2017
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Birmingham (Inglaterra)
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    Septiembre 2017

Recent graduate destinations include design or technical roles for companies such as Sainsbury’s, Goodrich, TNA Europe, Rolls Royce and Husio International.

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Requisitos: Entry requirements ABB - BBB (or equivalent) including a science or technical subject


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West Midlands, B4 7ET, West Midlands, Inglaterra
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comienzo Sep-2017
West Midlands, B4 7ET, West Midlands, Inglaterra
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IT Management
Product Design


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Are you passionate about new ideas? Do you get excited when you discuss what you would like to make? To design is to create something new. This requires innovative thinking. Looking at products do you sometimes say “I could have designed this better”?

Do you want to work in an innovative and enterprising arena that would challenge your creative and problem-solving abilities? Our Product Design programmes offer all these opportunities.

The management of Product Design is a rapidly developing career. You will acquire business management skills together with other Product Design modules.


Subject guide & modules

In the School of Engineering and Applied Science we aim to develop a new generation of creative product designers with knowledge, skills and ideas that will be valued by all sectors of design, development, production and business. This aim is achieved by providing project driven degree programmes that include creative thinking and design visualisation, in parallel with studies in engineering science, materials and manufacturing and the management of innovation.

All our first year programmes give you a grounding in the principles of Product Design together with flexibility to change streams at the end of the first year to reflect your own design interests.

In the second and final year you will experience a common core of six design modules to support your specialist stream of four subject specific modules. In addition you will develop design projects that integrate your design specialism with the core aspects of Product Design.

Our design courses are stimulating, relevant, challenging and rewarding. We aim to provide you with the knowledge of materials, production processes and technology as well as skills in aesthetics, ergonomics and management that will enable you to develop a successful career in design. These aims include:

  • developing your understanding of the significance of design to the profitability of business, commerce and the economy as a whole
  • continual development of relevant skills including presentation, ICT and team working which are sought after by employers
  • expanding your knowledge, confidence, professional values and attitudes essential for a successful career in Product Design
Year 1 Modules
  • Design & Experimentation (ME1501) 
  • Prototyping & Development (ME1502)
  • Design Fundamentals (PD1800) 
  • Specialist Design Project (PD1801)
  • Engineering Principles (PD1803)
Year 2 Modules
  • Design and Engineering for the User (ME2501)
  • Engineering for Industry (ME2502) 
  • Specialist Design Project 2 (PD2001) 
  • Commercial Practice (PD2002) 
  • Engineering Principles (2) (PD2003)
Year 3 - Optional placement year

See placement year section or find out more about the Aston placement year.

  • EAS Study Placement Year (SEP001) 
  • EAS Industrial Placement Year (SEP002)
Final Year Modules
  • Product Design Final Year Project (ME3047) 
  • Specialist Design Project 3 (Future focus) (PD3001)
  • Industrial Design (Global Focus) (PD3002) 
  • Professional Preparation for Industry (Business Focus) (PD3003) 
  • Design Competitions (PD3004)