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    1 Year
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This Course Provides ‘breadth of knowledge’ to make it relevant to people pursuing careers in the front office, middle office and operations areas. And Students Gain an overview on financial markets industry, structures and treasury operations.
a general knowledge of mathematics such as basic algebra and statistics.

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The Objective of this course is to enable understudies to gain an overview on financial markets industry, structures and treasury operations, Learn about foreign exchange, interest rates, bonds, equity, commodity and derivatives, Know the key features, calculation methodologies and applications of financial markets instruments, Understand the different types of risks, Be aware of financial markets code of conduct and work practices.

This is a short term course with the Contents under the following heads, Financial Economics, Introduction to Economics, Introduction to Probability & Statistics, Introduction to Macroeconomics. The Subheads under the Following Heads are Net Present Value File, How to Value Bonds and Stocks File, Some alternative investment rules File, Capital market theory: an overview File, Risky asset, Scarcity and Choice, Production Possibilities Frontier, A Tour of the Economy, Supply and Demand Book, Price Controls, Health Care, Financial Markets Page, Random Variables and Expectation, Densities and distributions, Independence, Conditioning, Special probability distributions, Introduction to Economics, National Income Accounting, Unemployment and Inflation, Aggregate Supply & Aggregate Demand, Classical and Keynesian Models.