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  • Short course
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    3 Months
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Learn Step by Step the Art of Good Communication. Communicate well in any situation. Effectual Communication skills are mandatory & priceless in Professional, Business and Social human relationships. Good Communication Skills enables effective Self Presentation, Management of People, Teamwork, Effective negotiation, Conflict resolution and Right decision-making. Learn How to Communicate what You mean, Assert yourself, Speak in Public, Write Right, Use Body Language - Make an Impression, Each Time - Every Time.

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The course facilitates anytime, anywhere learning, Content developed by industry experts, Self-paced learning and self-assessment, Real life scenario as examples.

Requisitos: Any computer literate person can enroll for the course.


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Communication Skills
Communication Training
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This is a short term course of 3 Months with the following contents- Theory of Communication Skills, Business and Social Human Relationship, Management of People, Effective Negotiation, Teamwork. After completion you will find yourself with increased knowledge related to the course which can help you build your career, land the job you desired, & gain a competitive advantage over your peers. Elearning study material is provided and this is completely online. This is in the form of 2D & 3D lessons, animations, videos, audio narratives, etc. With these topics and subjects and our delivery method, you will be able to understand and fulfil your position’s responsibilities. We deliver our courses with an online methodology in order to adapt ourselves to busy and professional lifestyles. Combine your professional life, your work, your personal time with this distance-learning course. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask for more information through Emagister’s website.

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Communication Skills can be used effectively, Master the soft skills required for a successful career, Understand the importance of clear communication, Improve your time management efficiency, Develop knowledge of good leadership practices, Stand out in job interviews.