Development and Implementation of Dynamic Competitive Strategies

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Objetivo del curso: How can a company assert itself in dynamic markets and benefit from competitive advantages from this environment? The art of successful strategy development lies within a continuous build-up of knowledge and the right timing, speed and sequence, when implementing this strategy. An optimal strategy for dynamic markets results from a combination of the achievement of current objectives and the manoeuvrability potential of the business. A business strategy has to ensure that the full current market potential is tapped and that new products and services are generated at an early stage.

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The benefits of "dynamic competitive strategies"

  • Difference between "dynamic" and "classical" competitive strategies
  • How do dynamic competitive strategies influ ence the competitiveness of a business? (Corporate Intelligence)
  • Strategy development cycle
Analysis of your own company and its environment: Where do you stand and in which direction do you want to go?
  • How do you position your business in the market?
  • Strength-weakness analysis, analy sis of competitive dynamics, competitor pro filing, trends and market scenarios
  • Visualization of business strategies with strat egy maps and balanced scorecards
Intelligence - the requirement
  • How knowledge on markets and competitors can be used in dynamic busi ness strategy development
  • Continuous Competitive Intelligence, identify ing and evaluating opportunities and risks
Methods for dynamic competitive strategy development
  • Tools, techniques: Business War Gaming (BWG), real option planning, dynamic scenario planning,early warning
  • Formulation of a strategy
  • Implementation of strategy with a Balanced Score card (BSC)
Case study
  • Apply the shown tools and techniques in or der to formulate a dynamic competitive strat egy for a business. (The case study will be distributed for individual preparation before the workshop.)

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