Diploma in Econometrics

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    2 Years
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This Course Provides an introduction to the econometric techniques used to analyse data sets in economics, business and finance. The focus is on understanding the methods involved, using statistical software to provide the results and then interpreting and commenting on these results. The course reviews basic statistics, regression and inference, and then introduces multiple regression analysis, which remains the most commonly used statistical technique in econometrics.

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The Objective of this course is to enable understudies to understand the theoretical properties of different econometric estimation and testing procedures under various modelling assumptions, To be able to formulate, estimate, test and interpret suitable models for the empirical study of economic phenomena, To be able to demonstrate an ability to apply regression techniques using econometric software and be able to program simple estimation routines, To feel confident about reading and interpreting applied economic journal articles.
This is a short term course with the following content under the following Heads: Introduction to Econometrics, Introduction to Probability & Statistics, Introduction to Economics. The Sub Heads under the following heads are Ordinary Least Squares and the Simple Linear Regression Model, Endogenous Regressors and Instrumental Variables, The Simple Linear Regression Model, Statistical Inference and the Classical Linear Regression Model, The Classical Linear Regression Model, Random Variables and Expectation, Densities and distributions, Independence, Conditioning, Special probability distributions, Sampling and sampling distributions, Scarcity and Choice, Production Possibilities Frontier, A Tour of the Economy, Supply and Demand Book, Price Controls, Health Care, Financial Markets Page.