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Tipología Curso
Inicio Firenze (Italia)
Duración 3 Meses
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  • Firenze (Italia)
  • Duración:
    3 Meses

Diseño de interiores en un curso presencial. Estudiarás acerca de los espacios interiores de edificios, con el foco en necesidades físicas, psicológicas y sociales de las personas en el espacio, traduciendo esa interacción del cliente al diseño de los espacios. Aprenderás herramientas básicas, habilidades formales del diseño y el conocimiento histórico y técnico pertinente. Luego de un examen final, podrás obtener tu diploma. Como requisito deberás contar con el diploma de bachillerato y conocimientos básicos de italiano, inglés o japonés.


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50123, Firenze, Italia
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50123, Firenze, Italia
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· Requisitos

1. High School Diploma or its equivalent / College Degree or its equivalent 2. Sufficient language proficiency in either Italian, English, or Japanese 3. If available, a portfolio on CD-ROM of 12 artworks that best represent the student's work style.


Semester course is designed for those who wish to study in Italy but have extremely limited time. It is specially programmed as an enriched and intensive version of the first semester of one-year program.

he Interior Design, Furniture Design and Interior Coordinator in One-Year program studies the interior spaces of buildings, with its focus on the physical, psychological, and social needs of people in the space, either at work or at leisure. Interior or Furniture designers and Interior Coordinator must, first of all, understand the client’s interactions within society, and, then, translate this understanding into appropriate and inspiring designs for interior environments. In practice interior or Furniture designers, or Interior Coordinator carry out their projects in the every aspect of human activities, such as offices, shops, hotels, restraints, resorts, hospitals, schools, and residential interiors.

In order to be prepared for such wide range of design opportunities, an interior designer needs to practice basic problem-solving, formal design skills, and pertinent historical and technical knowledge.

The course curriculum is programmed to develop each student’s ability to recognize problems and their solution, to think critically and creatively, as well as ability to utilize information and technology. As an interior or furniture Design, or Interior Coordinate student, you’ll understand how human beings live and perceive their environments.

Through the course, you will become fluent in expressing the principles and elements of interior design: point line, shape, form, color, light, texture, time, rhythm, balance, scale, proportion, equilibrium, harmony, and unity.

Given the competitiveness of the Interior design field, we will also equip you with business and marketing perspectives, as well as assisting the creation of strong portfolio, both in traditional form and in CD-ROM, video or web page.

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Partial scholarship available. Please inquire for details.

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