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Objetivo del curso: Iniciamos un Curso de Inglés dirigido a toda aquella persona interesada en aprender este idioma de una manera fácil, gradual y amena.. El alumno aprenderá: a comprender discursos y conferencias extensos, comprender sin excesivo esfuerzo programas de televisión, utilizar el lenguaje con flexibilidad y eficacia, comprender textos escritos complejos, presentar temas complejos, producir textos escritos, estrategias conversacionales sobre temas variados, uso de estrategias de comprensión oral etc.
Dirigido a: Profesionales, estudiantes, desempleados o cualquier persona interesada en formarse en el aprendizaje del inglés, un idioma indispensable, hablado por alrededor de 400 millones de hablantes nativos y por otros 500 millones adicionales, que han hecho del inglés su segunda lengua.

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In this course, the student will learn the fundamental tools for communicating in En-glish, taking the learner from 0 to C1 or Proficient User level of the CEFR (Common Eu-ropean Framework of Reference). As well as introducing the fundamental structures and vocabulary necessary to talk about basic topic areas, the learner is encouraged to practice pronunciation from the very beginning. With the help of a native speaker, the vocabulary items and sentences modelled can be listened to and simulated as the stu-dent wishes right until the end of the course. As the course advances, the learner is pre-sented with examples of new structures and lexical fields in a coherent, thorough and progressive way as each lesson builds on material and structures covered in previous parts of the course. With a comprehensive range of effective exercises which recognise the individual needs of different learner types; the course combines the proven metho-dological value of exercises such as: cloze gap, multiple-choice, ordering, spelling and drilling with the benefits of a multi-media course. Learner independence is a key theme behind the rationale of the entire course and as such is encouraged from the first block. The facility of referencing grammar points on-line as well as the benefits of easy and quick self-correction enables a motivated student to work to their own speed and achieve the results they deserve. Listening Comprehension Through the use of extensi-ve listening texts in the form of short conversations and vocabulary items, the learner gains the necessary exposure to the target language. The course provides many oppor-tunities to hear native speakers in the different contexts and checks comprehension through a variety of exercises such as gap-fills, multiple choice and true or false. Liste-ning comprehension is also an integral part of the presentation of new words, phrases and structures with the leaner selecting an image in response to audio stimuli. In the revision exercises which appear throughout the course, the learner will also choose a written phrase which has a synonymous meaning to one which is heard. Reading Com-prehension As the student is exposed to the structures and vocabulary in an audio-visual presentation, there is incidental reading practice embedded into the course. At all levels the learner will read phrases and dialogues in order to provide appropriate answers to gap-fill, true or false, matching and correction exercises. Writing skills The nature of many of the exercises encourages the learner to supply written answers to tasks and so motivates them to actively re-produce correct syntax and spelling. Simple dictation exercises in areas such as spelling names and giving information also contex-tualises the learner’s written use of the language from the start whilst more complex tasks such as letter writing complement later units. Oral skills Through interaction with an on-line teacher, the student has the opportunity to express themselves and use the target structures in contextual situations. In the film dubbing exercises which feature as a revision exercise, the learner has the opportunity to provide a voice over for short dialogues, listen to themselves and compare their voice pattern with that of the native speakers. Pronunciation The voice recognition system enables and facilita-tes self-correction and further motivates the student to be aware of their learning process. The student can imitate the native teacher and record their own voice as they practice the target words and sounds. This tool is invaluable at all stages of the course as learners can practice not only individual words but more complex concepts such as elision and diphthongs too.

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