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Tipología Curso
Inicio Firenze (Italia)
Duración 4 Meses
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  • Firenze (Italia)
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    4 Meses

¿Te gustaría tener tu propia línea de joyería? Con este curso de Diseño y Making de Joyería en Florencia, viaja a Italia y aprende a diseñar y construir joyas de forma tradicional y con las últimas técnicas experimentales en joyería.

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50123, Firenze, Italia
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50123, Firenze, Italia
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· Requisitos

1. High School Diploma or its equivalent / College Degree or its equivalent 2. Sufficient language proficiency in either Italian, English, or Japanese 3. If available, a portfolio on CD-ROM of 12 artworks that best represent the student's work style.

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Semester course is designed for those who wish to study in Italy but have extremely limited time. It is specially programmed as an enriched and intensive version of the first semester of one-year program.

As Jewelry major, you will learn how self-exploration and self-expression translate into three-dimensional form to create unique objects for adornment and use. The major encompasses both wearable and non-wearable forms of expression. Projects will include into conventional formats such as brooches and earrings, and experimental forms, and address issues of function, design and concept.

You will master a variety of techniques, including cutting, forming, joining, casting and finishing. The choice of materials will not be limited to metal and other traditional materials, but you can also incorporate items such as beads, plastics, glass and found objects into your work.

You will be challenged with more advanced techniques while exploring self-directed projects aimed at discovering your personal content. Also, you will be able to learn Incisione, which is traditionally, advanced technique in Italian Jewelry. Your works of art will evolve as you explore various design philosophies and develop your own ideas and researches.

The students will also get business perspective and learn to orient themselves for successful career planning.

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