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Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology

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Semipresencial en New Delhi (India)

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Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology course is a blended program with a structured core curriculum that allows the practitioners to learn the basics of clinical cardiology and achieve the required procedural skills, interpersonal skills and professional attitudes.

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The course aims to enable understudies to: Understand the etiologies and clinical presentations of cardiovascular diseases
Acquire knowledge of the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases
Know the various cardiovascular diseases prevalent in the community
Apply the knowledge of diagnostic tools to patient assessment
Develop the basic and clinical knowledge, procedural skills, clinical judgment, professionalism and interpersonal skills.
Acquire the skills of inpatient and outpatient clinical care and consultation
Better management of cardiovascular diseases

Requisitos: MBBS with MCI registration Post graduate in any medical Specialty


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New Delhi
Plot No 4, Second Floor, Anmol Vatika, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi 110018, 110018, Delhi, India
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Skills and Training


There are 7 Modules, in Module 1.Basic Cardiology you can find 4 subjects which is 1.Anatomy of the heart, 2.Conduction system of the heart, 3.Symptoms of the heart, 4.Examinations of cardiovascular System in Module 2.Investigations in Cardiology you can find 11 subjects which is 1.Chest X- ray, 2.Electrocadiography, 3.Excercise electrocardiographic testing, 4.Echocardiography, 5.Nuclear Imaging, 6.Positron Emission Tomography(PET), 7.cardiac Catheterization, 8.Cardiovasculer magnetics resonance, 9.Computed Tomography Angiography, 10.Laboratory testing, 11.Intravascular ultrasound in Module 3.Heart failure and Cardiomyopathy you can find 4 subjects which is 1.Heart failer, 2.Pulmonary edema, 3.Cardiogenic shock, 4.Cardiomyopathy, in Module 4.Cardiovascular diseases I you can find 4 subjects which is 1.Hypertension, 2.Primary pulmonary hypertension, 3.Arrhythmias, 4.Ischemic heart disease, in Module 5.Cardiovascular Diseases II you can find 6 subjects which is 1.Endocarditis, 2.Pericardial diseases, 3.Diseases of aorta, 4.Congenital hear disease, 5.Cardiac tumors, 6.Pregnancy and hear disease, in Module 6.Valvular Heart disease you can find 6subjects which is 1.Mitral Valve disorders, 2.Aortic valve disorders, 3.Tricuspid valve disorders, 4.Pulmonary valve disorders, 6.Prosthetics valves, and in Module 7.Preventive Cardiology.

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You can also pay in 3 installment 1st is Rs.40000 ($1250), 2nd is Rs.30000 ($1250) and 3rd is Rs.30000.