Formal Language and Automata Theory

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    4 Months
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This Course presents a study of formal languages and the correspondence between language classes and the automata that recognize them. Formal definitions of grammars and acceptors, deterministic and nondeterministic systems, grammar ambiguity, finite state and push-down automata, and normal forms will be discussed.
A knowledge of discrete mathematics and logic.

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The Objective of this course is to enable understudies to understand and Study the boundaries between complete and incomplete models of computation. And to Study the properties of classes of solvable and unsolvable problems.
This is a short term course with following Contents: Mathematical Concepts, Formal Languages, Context Free Grammars, Parsing, Normal Forms, Automata, Deterministic Finite Automata, Nondeterministic Finite Automata, Regular and Nonregular Languages File, Pushdown Automata File, Deterministic Parsing: LL(k) Grammars, Turing Machines, Wrap up. The Student Can Learn to have a solid understanding of models of computation, the limits that are imposed by the very nature of computation, and the ubiquity of unsolvable problems.