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IFF has specifically researched and developed this highly interactive training course designed to describe the most important administrative procedures of domestic and off-shore funds.

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17 noviembre 2016
6th Floor, 29 Bressenden Place, SW1E 5DR, London, Inglaterra
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Risk Assessment
Cash Flow Management
Cash Flow
Investment Funds
Record Keeping
Trade Finance
Fund Manager
Mutual Funds
Trust Fund


Agenda Summary Understanding Investment Funds Roles & Responsibilities The Process of Trade Capture, Record Keeping & Reconciliation Operational Risks Managing Regulation & Risk in Fund Servicing Compliance in Fund Administration Practical Workshops, Case Studies and Exercises Role of fund operations Road map of the valuation and pricing of investment funds Road map of the valuation and pricing of investment funds Risk relationships: client/counterparty/bank Divided in two teams, delegates will analyse two situations Fund set up, launch and administration ñ preparing a detailed overview of what a fund sponsor needs to know about the setting up, launch and operation of a new fund

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