Health Service Management and Administration (Africa)

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
En Abuja, Nigeria (Nigeria), Cairo, Egypt (Egipto)

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  • Short course
  • Intermediate
  • En 2 sedes
  • 360 horas de clase
  • Duración:
    3 Months
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This Course is Designed For:
Health Care Managers and Supervisors,
Health Care Administrators,
Health Care Professionals,
 Medical Staff Services Professionals
Health Management Analysts,
Medical Directors,
Chief Medical Officers and Administrators,
Medical Staff Officers,
Managed Care Professionals,
Nurse Manager,
Physicians, and
Employees aspiring for health care manager position

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Requisitos: Degree or Work Experience


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Abuja, Nigeria
Cadastral Zone A0, Central Business District, Abuja, 7069, Nigeria, Nigeria
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Cairo, Egypt
Champolion Street, 12421, Egypt, Egipto
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Quality Improvement
Nurse training
Medical training
Process Control
Quality Training
IT Management
Service Management
Statistical Process Control
Functions of Management
Organisational Design
Understanding the Heath Service Organisations
Role of Health Service Manager
Types and Structures of Health Services Organisations
Health Care Providers and Professions
Managerial Problem Solving and Decision Making
Management Model in Health Services Organisations
Strategic Management in the Health Organisations
Marketing Health Organisations
Quality Management for Health Care Reform
Information Technology in the Health Sector
Health Care Records Management
Health Care Business System
Health Records Organisation Storage and Management
Clinical Processes
Process Orientation in Healthcare
Heath Research
Strategic Quality Improvement Implementation


Limited Contents, Concepts and Issues

Module 1: The Health Service Organisations
  • Definition of Terms
  • Classification and Types of Health Service Organisations
  • Role of a Health Service Manager
  • Key Competencies of Health Service Managers
  • Clinician Managers
  • Accountabilities of the Health Service Manager
  • Key Organisational Components
  • The Health Care Settings
  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Nursing Facilities
  • Health Systems
  • Ambulatory Health Services
  • Hospice: Organisational Models and Structures
  • Home Health Agencies: Organisational Structures
  • Managed Care
  • Public Health
  • Corporate Diversification of Health Service Organisations and Systems
  • Environmental Pressures to Change Types and Structures of Health Service Organisations and Systems
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Rehab Facilities
  • Home Care
  • Inpatient vs. Outpatient
  • Admission and Discharge
  • Direct Care Providers
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Registered Nurse
  • Physician Assistant
  • Allied Health Care Professions
  • Clinical Allied Health Professions
  • Non-Clinical Allied Health Professions
Modules 2-5: The Practice of Management in Health Service Organisations/Health Systems
  • The Functions of Management
  • Managerial problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Management Model in Health Services Organisations
  • Organisational Design: Designing Health Organisation Services
  • Strategic Management in the Health Organisations
  • Marketing Health Organisations
Modules 6-9: Quality Management for Healthcare Reform
  • The Underlying Principles for Quality Management in Healthcare
  • Group Practices in Healthcare Quality Improvement
  • Process Orientation in Healthcare
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Statistical Process Control Approaches
  • Advanced Statistical Process Control
  • Advanced Statistical Applications in Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Clinical Processes
  • Strategic Quality Improvement Implementation
  • Care Management
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
Module 10: Information Technology in the Health Sector
  • Health information Professionals
  • Health Care Technology
  • Miscellaneous: Health Information Systems
Module 11-12: Health Care Records Management and Business Systems
  • Dealing with Health Care Records
  • Understanding Electronic Health Records
  • Health Records Organisation, Storage and Management
  • Health Care Business Systems
  • Health Statistics, Research and Qaulity Improvement
  • Information Systems for Managerial Support

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