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This course is composed of 8 modules available for you to access and review at your own pace. Purchase this course for just £249.
As many of us struggle with choosing the right outfit for our body shape and for the occasion, the demand for personal shoppers and image consultants has grown. From CEOs wanting to know how to look good at their meetings, to fashion lovers that don't know how to put two and two together, just to name a few. Love the Kardashians? Who knows, maybe you get to dazzle them with your consulting advice.
Please see below more information on some of the modules included in this course.

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Fashion Styling
Clothes making and fashion
Image Consultant
Body shapes


Module one Analysing the style of your client

This module helps you conduct a consultation with your client to hep analyse the style of you client.

  • Recommended study time: 2-3 hours

Module two Body shapes

Learn how to spot body shapes. Knowing what you are working with will ensure your success when it comes to advising your clients.

  • Recommended study time: 2-3 hours

Module five Colour

Learn how to use colour and make it work to your advantage. No more fashion faux pas for your clients.

  • Recommended study time: 2-3 hours