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Ampliar conocimientos de inglés.
Dirigido a: Cualquier persona que desee ampliar sus conocimientos de inglés.

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English UK level 2

Unit 1

Core lesson 1

Places vocabulary (hotel, bank, museum…)

At vs in (prepositions of places)

To be at sw // to go to sw

Present simple (need)

Present continuous (go)

Prepositions of place: behind / in front of / besides / in / on / under / right / left

Core lesson 2

Ordinal numbers

Verb patterns: Go to / work at / sit in / to want to to sth

Means of transport (a short introduction)

Phrasal Verbs: stand at / get off / get on

Adjectives: near / far

Directions (turn left / turn right / go straight ahead)

Core lesson 3

Means of tranport vocabulary

Parts of the day

What time is it?

Arrive / depart / to be delayed

Present continuous / Present simple

Possesive adjectives (his / her / their)

Core lesson 4

Can / can’t (hability – permission)

Places vocabulary

Weather vocabulary

Why / because

To be going to vs present continuous

What is sth like?

Unit 2

Core lesson 1

Present simple - continuous / past simple

Irregular verbs

Past simple (aff-neg-quest)

Verb patterns: give direct object to indirect object

Core lesson 2

School subjects vocabulary

On days of the week

Verb patterns: give personal pronoun direct object

Verb object order (write / send / sell / buy)

There is / there are

This / these

Core lesson 3

Verb to be in past

Used to

What do you do?

Core lesson 4

Past simple / past continuous

Would you like?

Unit 3

Core lesson 1

Present continuous

Can / can’t revision

Yes / no answers

Imperative form

Month (vocabulary)

Core lesson 2

To be early / late / on time

This / these

How to sa years

Imperative form

Dates (it’s the twenty-fourth of July)

Core lesson 3

Meal vocaulary

Have to

This / that / these / those

Core lesson 4

Comparative and superlative adjectives (aslo good / bad)

Who question (no auxiliar need – who is the subject)

Unit 4

Core lesson 1

Past simple / present simple / will

Future will

Food vocabulary

Taste adjectives

Core lesson 2

Instrument vocabulary

Places in a town vocabulary

Look for

Core lesson 3

Verb patterns: smile at sb

How long?

Phrasal verbs: walk up / run up/ walk down / run down

Prefixes. pack / unpack

First / then / finally

Core lesson 4

A lot of / some / any


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