International Loan Restructuring

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This highly practical course will use current and past case study examples to illustrate both good and bad practice in international loan restructuring situations. There will be a mix of theory and practice with the emphasis on ìhands onî learning. You will return to work with both the knowledge of what went wrong and why and a practical strategy to avoid these mistakes in the future while maximising your returns.

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10 abril 2017
12 octubre 2017
6th Floor, 29 Bressenden Place, SW1E 5DR, London, Inglaterra
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Agenda Summary The Current Corporate Restructuring Climate The Leveraged Loan Fallout What are Distressed Corporate Assets Worth? Matching the Solution to the Problem Legal Issues in International Restructuring Managing the Debt Problems Remedial Business Plan Exit Options Case Studies and Exercises Calculating the optimum leverage and debt capacity A step-by-step approach to the restructuring of a multinational corporate during recessionary conditions and the resolution of problems which arose during this process. Identifying the restructuring options for a US leveraged transaction in the current economic climate Valuation of a current distressed asset situation in Europe Identifying the problems in an international restructuring and proposing a plan to solve the key issues Selecting an appropriate exit option in a restructuring situation

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