Introduction to Economics

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    4 Months
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This Course Provides an understanding of the concepts of scarcity and choice, and their influences in the decision-making process of individual consumers, groups of consumers, and firms. The course examines: price mechanism (demand, supply and price) and allocation of resources; comparative advantage and specialization; the theory of the firm – short run and long run cost/revenue structure and the interaction between markets.

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Business Law
Business Process
Financial Risk
Business Funding
Economic Theory
Economics Science
Finance Market
Business Finance
Financial strategy


The Objective of this course is to enable understudies to receive the skills necessary for the analysis of economic problems on the basis of economic theory.
This is a short term course with the contents as follows: Define Economics, and Describe the Economic Way of thinking and Identify three basic economic Questions and describe how the market system answers each of these three basic Questions. And Identify and explain factors of production and sate some important reasons for Studying Economics. All the Contents Given are very usefull for students and important. To Grow More in their Career because economics has a wider scope today it is expanded all over the World. So Learning Economics will be very usefull in future as well.