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LinguaVille is the world’s ONLY online Interactive Language Learning and Revision village whose methodology is structured in line with the National Curriculum and Key Stages set by the Education Departments from India, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada and USA. This ensures we cover all recommended language learning requirements and means you can purchase with the confidence the product you are buying will help you learn to read, write, listen and speak throughout your time in LinguaVille. You are tested on your understanding, conversational skills and observations that will enable you to fully learn your target language.

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LinguaVille’s flexibility is designed to suit ‘what you would like to do today’, from comprehension, verb construction, passages of text to aural exercises and educational games, our modules address the correct ways of learning a language, methodically, correctly, from words to sentences, sentences to paragraphs providing you with all the necessary written and aural tools. With LinguaVille’s methodology we encourage and develop different techniques to learn vocabulary, sentence structure and translation skills by engaging familiar texts into a range of other exercises. By doing this, we have over 150,000 cross-referenced exercises to ensure complete language co ordination. Certificates, Medals of Achievement and Cups are awarded at every level as you progress through LinguaVille, so you will not miss out on any of the certificates you have obtained from the tests you have taken. Every exercise is recorded by a native speaker so you can record your voice against to compare.

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The Contents of this course are as follows- 1.LinguaVille has 48 different modules including - Class 1; where a person start’s their language journey. These modules provide the first 150+ words to get you started. We provide the word, the sound of the word and a picture to go with the word to promote the recognition process within your brain. A ‘picture is worth a thousand words.’ Your brain will accept these images and will trigger a learning response together with a recall response as the learning progresses through these early stages. -Beginners; Building up vocabulary is important, so through a range of modules we provide over 1,000 words in Flash Cards to get you started using our effective “Learn, Try, Test” methodology. This is where I think you will spend a lot of your time in the early period of learning, developing from the first 150 words learnt; we’re going to build that with you, step-by-step, into over a thousand words through our Beginners Level. 2.Then when you are ready move on to the Standard exercises -Multiple Choice: Vocabulary, experiencing dialogue, questions and answers, understanding options, develops questioning and reasoning skills. -Word Order: Expands vocabulary and engages student in sentence building blocks and phrase structure. Understanding commands, questions, requests and logical orders. -Fill in Words: Comprehension Exercises, testing vocabulary retention, building on conversational skills, whilst understanding to dismiss incorrect answers and develops analysis skills. -Cloze Procedure: Testing writing skills, comprehension of passages of texts and conversations. The exercises build in uses of alphabet-specific criteria whilst allowing the student to consider possible scenarios.

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Best Suited for Students. By learning a second language you become more of an asset to your current or future employer, especially learning English. This opens up lots of opportunities and possibilities for you in terms of the countries you could choose to seek work in or visit one day. Science, Medicine, Economics, Law, IT, Engineering, Pilots, Politics, Often education, research and common industry vocabulary is in English for these important careers. Most Colleges and Universities require an understanding of English. Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and MIT - famous universities. You’ll need to speak English fluently for access to any of these. Anyone of these names on your CV gives you creditability. At Oxford University two thirds of post-graduate students come from outside the UK