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The following course, offered by Career vision, will help you improve your skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for more information!

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Project-based Mapping


Mapping the User Experience Training Video

  • Duration: 3 hours - 10 tutorial videos
  • Date Released: 2015-04-17
  • Works on: Windows PC or Mac
  • Format: DVD and Download
  • Instructor: James Kalbach

A Practical Training Course That Teaches Real World Skills

In this project-based Mapping the User Experience video tutorial series, you'll quickly have relevant skills for real-world applications.

Follow along with our expert instructor in this training course to get:

  • Concise, informative and broadcast-quality Mapping the User Experience training videos delivered to your desktop
  • The ability to learn at your own pace with our intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • A quick grasp of even the most complex Mapping the User Experience subjects because they're broken into simple, easy to follow tutorial videos

Practical working files further enhance the learning process and provide a degree of retention that is unmatched by any other form of Mapping the User Experience tutorial, online or offline... so you'll know the exact steps for your own projects.

If you want to create products and services that provide real value, you should first identify touchpoints-areas where business and customer needs intersect. This video workshop shows you how. Using various mapping techniques from UX design, you'll learn how to turn customer observations into actionable insight for product design.

Host Jim Kalbach, Principal UX Designer with Citrix, introduces you to the principles behind alignment diagrams-a class of deliverable also known as experience mapping-using several examples. You'll learn how to visually map your existing customer experience, based on user research, and demonstrate how and where customer perspectives intersect with business goals.

Using alignment diagrams, you'll not only be able to orchestrate business-customer touchpoints, but also gain stakeholder support for a product or service that provides value to both your business and your customers.

Through several exercises, you'll learn how to:

- Initiate a project
- Select an appropriate diagram type
- Conduct user research
- Identify different touchpoint types
- Format your information and create your diagram
- Create an action plan with a pitch to stakeholders

Jim Kalbach is a speaker, writer, and instructor on user experience, information architecture, and business design. During his years in Germany, he helped found local UX groups in Hamburg, and organized conferences throughout the country and elsewhere in Europe. Jim is the author of Designing Web Navigation (O'Reilly). He blogs at

Course Outline

01. Mapping The User Experience Introduction To Experience Mapping Principles Of Alignment Initiate - Starting A Mapping Project 0104 Investigate - Understanding Users And Businesses 0105 Illustrate - Drawing The Map 0106 Align - Creating Value 0107 A Closer Look At Touchpoints 0108 Extending The Technique 0109 Evangelizing Experience Mapping 0110 Summarya