Outlook 2007 - Basic (English)


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  • Curso
  • Online
  • 30 horas de dedicación

Objetivo del curso: The present course, tries to acquaint users with the functionalities of Microsoft Outlook 2007 which will allow them from sending and receiving e-mails up to planning their own agenda and sharing it with their contacts.
As a result of completing this course, the user will be able to:. Know basic Outlook mail concepts. Know how to use the e-mail. Apply format and configure mails.
Dirigido a: The present course is fully oriented to anyone who desires to acquire knowledge of the basic range of utilities this email organizing and managing tool provides.

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Introduction to Outlook 2007
  • Cover
  • Welcome
  • Objectives
  • Characters
  • Course structure
  • Practice and exercises
  • Configuration of the program
First steps with Outlook 2007
  • Introduction
  • The Outlook 2007 window
  • The bars of Outlook 2007
  • Other components of Outlook 2007
  • Summary
Basic e-mail concepts
  • Introduction
  • Accessing the mail
  • Opening and reading mails
  • Answering a mail
  • Creating new mails
  • Sending and receiving mails
  • Attaching files
  • The address book
  • Drafts
  • Eliminating mails
  • Printing mails
  • Summary
Format and configuration of message
  • Introduction
  • The formats of mails in Outlook
  • Applying format to mails
  • Modifying the format of a mail
  • Customizing the appearance of mails
  • Inserting items in a mail
  • Including a signature
  • Summary
Configuration of the Inbox
  • Introduction
  • Finding mails
  • The Query Builder
  • Sorting mails
  • Organizing by colour categories
  • Adding Follow Up flags
  • Organizing messages in folders
  • Summary
Introduction to the calendar
  • Introduction
  • Viewing and exploring the calendar
  • Setting up the work calendar
  • Creating calendar entries
  • Printing the calendar
  • Summary
Introduction to contacts
  • Introduction
  • The list of contacts
  • Creating a contact
  • Updating data in the address book
  • Creating address books
  • Summary
Appointments, events and meetings
  • Introduction
  • The items of the calendar
  • Programming and changing appointments
  • Programming and changing events
  • Scheduling and changing meetings
  • Answering meeting invitations
  • Summary
Working with tasks
  • Introduction
  • The To-Do list
  • Creating and updating tasks
  • Working with the views of the Tasks window
  • Summary
Working with contacts
  • Introduction
  • Import and export contacts
  • Different views of contacts
  • Finding contact information
  • Organizing contacts
  • Creating distribution lists
  • Customizing a business card
  • Printing contact information
  • Summary
The notes and the Journal
  • Introduction
  • Creating and reading notes
  • Customizing notes
  • Other operations with notes
  • The Journal
  • Summary

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