Postgraduate Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations

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The Postgraduate Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations, will give you content and essential tools, skills needed to obtain a better understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects,specialized training through the virtual campus, in order to understand the international relations, and diplomacy.

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· ¿Cuáles son los objetivos de este curso?

To provide students and professional workers related with the diplomacy a fully specialized training in diplomacy and international relations, obtaining a depth training in the mechanisms to develop a professional life in the diplomatic corps, enjoying a professional experience with the implementation of practices in a virtual learning area thanks to the online learning experience.

· ¿A quién va dirigido?

Bachelors, graduates and professionals from all sectors who want to implement their knowledge in the world of international law

· Requisitos

Graduates, Bachelors and/or professionals with more than two years of experience

· Titulación

Postgraduate Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations


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Teresa Ulloa
Teresa Ulloa
Tutora cursos humanidades


An Introduction

The Internacional Diplomacy

Internacional Organizations 1| Diplomacy & The International Law

Internacional Organizations 2 | Law & Force

The New Diplomacy | The International Relations. First Point

The International Relations. Import Points |

International Relations. A historial perspective

Socialism&The International System | The Democracy System

Internacional Relations The Behaviour of Countries| The Foreign Politics

The Wars | The International Law

Armamet&Diplomacy | The Violence

The Secret Diplomacy | The Final Work

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