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  • 20 horas de clase
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Our online MS Project and SPSS Statistics Training course has been designed for 20 guided learning hours. Following course outline will provide you idea about main topics areas are covered in this training course. The numbers of sub topics are covered under following each main topic:

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This training leads you to become a Business Analyst, Project Manager, Researcher, Data Analyst, and Business Developer etc.

Requisitos: There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is available to all learners, of all academic backgrounds. However, we recommend this course for learners who are having basic understanding about statistics, and Project management and related software. This course is ideal for Students who are doing higher studies, business analysts or business developers. Good understanding of English language, numeracy and ICT are required to attend this course.


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SPSS Statistics Fundamental Training Introduction to SPSS. Building Charts and Recording Data (Variable). Calculate descriptive statistics (Eg: Means and Standard Deviations) Use inferential statistics (Eg: t-tests and Chi-squares) Descriptive Statistics and Hypothesis Testing. Types of Charts. Create new variables and cross tabulations Correlation, Regression and ANOVA Analysis. Communicating Results Extending SPSS and Sharing Results. MS Project Advance Training (2010 & 2013) Introduction to MS Project. Creating a New Project Plan Keeping Your Project on Track Managing Resources and Project Cost. Earned Value Analysis and Copying data into MS Project. Import and Export Working with Forms Customised Filled and Graphical and Visual Report. Sharing Customisation and Working with Multiple Projects. Linking Tasks in Different Project. All the study materials are available in your student portal including Videos tutorials. One of the most successful online education platforms in the UK. Access to Mock exam and mentor supports. Excellent and flexible mentor supports by our team of experienced tutors/trainers. Effective and efficient administrative service from our staff for your inquiries. Comfortable learning access to your student portal. Technical supports and live chat service for your inquiries. This is very helpful for international learners.

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It is recommended that students have basic experience with the Windows operating system and some understanding of statistical analysis. This course assumes that you have a basic understanding of Microsoft Project. It also assumes that you have an understanding of project management techniques and can create/manage a project.