Rh301 - Curso de Preparación a la Certificación Rhce sin Examen Rhce

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  • Curso
  • Madrid (España)
  • Duración:
    4 Días

Objetivo del curso: A Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrator who has been trained to install and configure Red Hat Enterprise Linux; understand limitations of hardware; configure networking and file systems; configure the X Window System; configure security, set up common network (IP) services, carry out diagnostics and troubleshooting, and perform essential Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administration.
Dirigido a: UNIX or Linux system administrators who have significant real-world experience with UNIX or Linux systems administration and some experience setting up key networking services such as HTTP, DNS, NIS, DHCP, and those who would like to prepare for the RHCE Exam.

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Calle Marcelo Spinola, 42, 28016, Madrid, España
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· Requisitos

RH033, RH133, RH253 or equivalent experience with UNIX; LAN/WAN fundamentals Internet working with TCP/IP, knowledge or experience setting up NFS, HTTP, DNS, FTP, NIS, DHCP, and other networking services, and security.


Course Summary

RH301 Red Hat Linux Rapid Track Course provides the course content of the RH300 RHCE Rapid Track Course, but does not include the RHCE certification exam. Those who are interested in taking the rapid track course followed immediately by the RHCE certification exam may wish to consider RH300.

RH301 is designed for UNIX- and Linux-experienced users, networking specialists, and system administrators. This 4-day course provides intensive hands-on training on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4.

Now updated for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4!

What you will learn:

Unit 1 - Automated Installation and Virtualization
Unit 2 - Package Management
Unit 3 - Administrative Access and System Services
Unit 4 - System Initialization and Troubleshooting
Unit 5 - Kernel and Network Configuration
Unit 6 - Filesystem Management
Unit 7 - User Administration
Unit 8 - Advanced Account Management
Unit 9 - Securing Data and SELinux
Unit 10 - Network-level Access Controls: Netfilter
Unit 11 - Service-level Access Controls: TCP Wrappers
Unit 12 - Web Services
Unit 13 - Network Infrastructure Services
Unit 14 - Network File Sharing Services
Unit 15 - Mail Services

Prepares for:

Prepares a server system administrator so that he/she is "ready from a technical point of view for professional responsibilities in managing a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system for common uses."


  • 4 days intensive fast-track training on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4
  • Hands-on labs and exercises
  • Catered lunch
  • One workstation per student
  • Student materials, pre-assessment questionnaire, study aids, handouts
  • Red Hat promotional items

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