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Objetivo del curso: This course aims to provide participants with an opening to understand the fundamentals of revenue management and developing the skills needed for advanced techniques in forecasting, group management, overbooking and pricing strategies.
Dirigido a: This course is designed for hospitality managers, general managers, revenue managers, and other professionals responsible for the optimising profits and maximising revenue.

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Course Presentation

Time is money!! For any establishment in the business of ‘selling a room’ in today’s unsteady economic climate strategies to maximise revenue have been truly pushed to the limits. Presently, the greatest challenge, and certainly concern for establishments In South Africa, is trying to achieve maximium occupancy for the FIFA in 2010 and asking what strategies can we implement to optimise profits for special events.

Closer to home, ‘selling a room’ may mean entering into a price war with competitors or losing their edge. Is this the answer?

Implementing a revenue management strategy can be one of the most important revenue-generating initiatives available to a hotel. Selling the right room to the right person at the right time for the right price needs to be a systematic process designed to make the most of every possible event and opportunity.

How will you benefit?

· Identify the fundamental concepts of Revenue Management
· Be able to recognise and discuss the key concepts in Revenue Management
· Elaborate, analyses and consider the implications of the contents in a Revenue Management toolbox

Course Competencies

· Develop pricing and product strategies
· Apply forecasting techniques
· Group management
· Apply overbooking policies

Learning Methodology

Interactive lecture, workshop, and industry case-studies.

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