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The major activity, which you undertake as a sales person is your contribution to the generation of sales income for your organisation. To do this you will need to obtain the customers order. One of the key stages in obtaining the order is carrying out an effective sales presentation. There are two ways in which you can consider a sales presentation: 1. A stage independent from the rest of the sales interview, where you simply demonstrate your products or explain your service. 2. Where the sales presentation is a fundamental part of the whole interview, which begins as soon as you walk in and greet the customer and continues until you actually leave.
It is possible to see a sales presentation as a 4-stage process: 1. Pre-approach. 2. Preparation. 3. Actual face to face. 4. Evaluation.

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This module is designed to give you a structured approach for carrying out sales presentations. Frameworks are designed providing you with guidelines on how to understand the customers’ needs, with advice on diplomatic questioning, "active" listening and reading buying signals. Advice is also given on how to organise yourself via objective setting and accessing the sales aids that will be required. Advice is finally given on how to deliver the sales presentation, with an emphasis on empathy, substance and on having the right attitude and appearance.

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Sales Presentation
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The Content of this course is Divided into 3 Units Are as Follows- Unit 1: Understanding the customers’ needs -Sales people must understand the customers’ needs and then adapt their organisation’s capabilities to meeting those needs. In this unit a framework is designed which enables you to know and understand your customers far more and to deliver what they want more effectively. Advice is given on how to be diplomatic when asking questions, which helps you set up the right relationship with your customers. Unit 2: Organising yourself for the sales presentation -To deliver a successful sales presentation you must do your homework. In this unit a framework is designed which will help you improve your confidence by making sure you know your customer. It will also help you to effectively structure your presentation to suit yourself and achieve your sales objectives. Advice on objective-setting and dealing with customer reactions are also outlined. Unit 3: Delivering the sales presentation -Sales people are the key to enhancing corporate image and are often called the "face" of their organisation. In this unit a framework is designed which gives guidelines on how to effectively communicate your organisation’s product and service benefits to the customer. There is also an emphasis on the need to demonstrate how these benefits can satisfy the customers’ needs. Advice is given on the importance of both your appearance and your attitude. There is an emphasis on leaving a favourable and positive impression with the customer.

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