Spanish Beginners Private Lessons

E-dill Spanish for Foreigners
En Barcelona (España)

700€ - ($503.996)
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  • Clases particulares
  • Barcelona (España)
  • 20 horas de clase
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Private Spanish lessons in our central headquarters in Barcelona. Course designed according to the specific needs of the students. Highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

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Barcelona, España
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Basic grammar
Oral communication


Course designed according to the student's needs analysis.
- Personal information: Name, nationality, profession...
- Describing people
- Describing places and houses
- Giving and understanding directions
- Shopping
- Dayly routine
- Weekend, hobbies
- Likes and dislikes
- Restaurants
- Present tense
- Present continuous tense
- Giving opinions
- Agreeing and desagreeing
- Asking for help

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We provide effective classes in a pleasant atmosphere. Please, visit our installations.
If you are two students, we charge 3 euros more per hour.

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