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Successful Negotiation Online Course (12 months Access)

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Save money, time and achieve satisfaction by learning to negotiate profitably. This LearnKey course, based on the book Successful Negotiation by Robert B. Maddux, covers win/win negotiating ideas and methods. Discover the best techniques for managing conflict through negotiation by using the updated case studies and examples.


Confidently negotiate a starting salary.
Use your new skills with purpose and results.
Become a better negotiator and improve effectiveness.

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Successful Negotiation


Session 1

Section A: Successful Negotiation
and nbsp;*  Introduction
and nbsp;*  Misconceptions
and nbsp;*  Course Overview
and nbsp;*  Key Fact

Section B: Negotiation: What and Why?
and nbsp;*  Destination
and nbsp;*  Identify Opportunities
and nbsp;*  Win/Win Philosophy
and nbsp;*  Give/Get Principle
and nbsp;*  Key Fact

Section C: The Negotiating Process
and nbsp;*  Six Steps
and nbsp;*  Key Fact

Section D: Strategies and Tricks
and nbsp;*  Preparation and Planning
and nbsp;*  Will and Skill
and nbsp;*  Negotiating Strategies
and nbsp;*  Key Fact

Section E: Conclusion
and nbsp;*  Things to Remember
and nbsp;*  Successful Negotiation