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    6 Meses

Preparación TOEIC® Test. Conseguir una mayor puntuación en el test TOEIC ®.
Dirigido a: Los estudiantes - curso de preparación TOEIC.

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Robert Phipps
Robert Phipps
Native English; Teacher; TOEIC Test Administrator

Robert es un administrador de la prueba TOEIC y TOEFL por más de 8 años y la enseñanza de más de 35 años. Robert es un hablante nativo Inglés. Robert tiene un centro de examen TOEIC y participa en el examen TOEIC al día. Los estudiantes de Robert le llaman Rob. Hay muchos maestros que trabajan en OnlineInglés. OnlineInglés fue creada y escrita por Robert.


Complete preparation course for the TOEIC Test.

· See your estimated TOEIC score level.

· See your strengths and weaknesses and focus your training.

· Our unique training coach shows you exactly what to learn.

· Dedicated teacher and TOEIC administrator to help you even more by email.

· Over 1500 specific exercises for each type of TOEIC question.

· Answer review so you can see your mistakes and learn.

· Short practice tests during training to estimate your level.

· The course sets a training plan specifically for your needs and level.

· Clever tips to help you score higher in the TOEIC test.

· Advice about the TOEIC question methods and what could confuse you.

· Advice on how to answer the TOEIC questions more quickly.

· Information to plan a strategy for a higher TOEIC score.

· Mock 2 hour TOEIC test; randomly generated from over 1500 questions.

· Thousands of different simulated tests.

· Simulate* the feeling of sitting the real TOEIC test.

· Review your answers and where you made mistakes.

· Practice your strategy, timing and gain an advantage.

Extra English language exercises for an even higher TOEIC score.

· Over 3000 Grammar, tense and vocabulary exercises.

· Business phrase and jargon exercises.

· English word pair, synonym and phrasal verb exercises.

· English Idiom and idiomatic phrase exercises.

· All with teacher explanations and review to see your mistakes.

· Core skill implication practice exercises.

· Core skill unlimited missing word exercise generator.

· Core skill intensive reading practice exercises.

· plus much more...

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