Word 2007 - Advanced (English)


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  • Curso
  • Online
  • 30 horas de dedicación

Objetivo del curso: Applying, creating and modifying styles to documents. Learn how to create documents from both standard and customized templates. Learn how to create templates, maintain them and apply themes. Learn how to create a table of contents, index, insert markers and cross references and hyperlinks. Merging mail and creating labels and envelopes.
Dirigido a: The present course is fully oriented to anyone who desires to acquire knowledge of the most advanced range of applications this word processor tool provides.

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Applying styles to the document
  • Introduction
  • Style types
  • Create and modify styles
  • Modify, remove and eliminate styles
  • Summary
Working with templates
  • Introduction
  • Creating documents from templates
  • Creating templates from templates
  • Creating templates from documents
  • Applying Themes
  • Changing the Background
  • Summary
Navigating around a document
  • Introduction
  • Create a table of contents
  • Create an illustration table
  • Create an index
  • Insert markers and cross references
  • Add Hyperlinks
  • Insert bibliography
  • Summary
Collaborate on documents
  • Introduction
  • Sending a document from Word
  • Insert changes and comments
  • Review the changes and comments
  • Merging documents
  • Protecting documents
  • Summary
Merge Mail
  • Introduction
  • Merging mail
  • Start mail merge
  • Selecting the recipients
  • Inserting combined fields
  • Finish the document
  • Merging e-mails
  • Creating labels and envelopes
  • Summary
Master Documents
  • Introduction
  • Definition and Use
  • Converting a document into a Master Document
  • Creating subdocuments
  • Collapse and Expand Documents
  • Combine and divide subdocuments
  • Eliminating and unlinking documents
  • Summary
Creating Forms
  • Introduction
  • Preparing Word
  • Adding controls
  • Modifying properties
  • Protecting the Form
  • Filling in the Form
  • Summary
Working with Macros
  • Introduction
  • Record Macros
  • Running Macros
  • Assigning a button to a Macro
  • Assigning a keyboard combination to the Macro
  • Modifying Macros
  • Eliminating Macros
  • Summary
Convert files to other formats
  • Introduction
  • File Compatibility
  • How to save PDF files
  • Creating and modifying a web document
  • Creating a blog entry
  • Creating a XML document
  • Summary
Customize Word
  • Introduction
  • Changing the default options
  • Add and remove commands
  • Creating keyboard shortcuts
  • Summary

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