WordPress Profits: Create a Blog to Market Udemy Courses

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The secret to getting ahead is to get started -Your success will be attributed to your low upfront costs. There are minimal costs selling Udemy video courses on your WordPress blog. Setting yourself up for success with: Low upfront costs. You only need to buy a domain name, monthly website hosting plan, a quality microphone, and editing software to get started. Udemy’s 30 day money back guarantee. Posting unlimited questions/comments in the discussion board within the course. Instructor Matt Bernstein will answer your questions within 24 hours. What students are saying..."Great course with many insights concerning WordPress and profiting from websites. Gained a lot more knowledge and "know how" in the area of plugins which I will use to update my own website to attract even more profits. There are many ideas presented to help you get ahead in making money online." - Chad Tennant.

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At the end of the course, students will be able to…Create a passive income from Udemy with an initial goal to profit at least $2,000 a month, Create a WordPress blog to Market Udemy Courses, Market courses on Udemy and maximize profits. Get started with Udemy to create courses. Validate their course subject before creating a course. Maximize Udemy profits by following specific rules learned in the course. Utilize the Sidebar Widgets on WordPress. BONUS: Profit additional income from other platforms with their existing content. BONUS: Increase Udemy revenue according to top instructors advice (Google Hangout).

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The Contents of this course is divided into 6 Sections are as follows -SECTION 1: See My Earnings on Udemy -See the WordPress Blog that Converts, See Proof of December 2014 Udemy Profits of $3,002.38, November 2014 Profits of $4,113.35, October 2014 Profits of $4,227.56, September 2014 Profits of $2,766.70, August 2014 Profits of $2,537.20, July 2014 Profits of $2,240.71. SECTION 2: How to Create a WordPress.org Blog -How to Convert Visitors on WordPress to Paying Customers on Udemy, How to Market Video Courses on WordPress, How to Contact Udemy Instructors to Market Courses, How to Start a WordPress.org Blog, How to Start Email Marketing with Aweber, How to Purchase a WordPress.org Theme, How to Create a WordPress Blog using OptimizePress, How to Create a Membership Website using OptimizeMember, WordPress.org Plugins to Download for FREE, How to Download, Install, and Activate WordPress Plugins, Choosing a Business Logo Nike Approves, Sales Page to Increase Sales, How to Create Product Sales Pages, How to Create Blog Posts to Market Products, How to Create an Email Signup Form, How to Create an Email Confirmation Page, How to Create a "Terms & Conditions" Page, How to Create a "Privacy Policy" Page, How to Configure WordPress Settings, How to Create a Feature Box to Collect Emails. Section 3: How to Use Sidebar Widgets on WordPress Blog -How to Create a Sidebar Widget to Collect Emails, Using Sidebar Widget to Market Udemy Courses, How to Enable "Search Bar" on WordPress, How to Enable "Popular Blog Posts" on the Sidebar, How to Enable "Blog Post Categories" on the Sidebar, Instructor Bio to Increase Sales4, How to Create an "About Me" Sidebar Widget. SECTION 4: How to Market Udemy Courses using WordPress -How to Start Aweber Email Lists, Create an Email Followup Series to Sell Courses, Create an Email Broadcast Series to Sell Courses, Utilizing YouTube to Market Udemy Courses, Utilizing Amazon Kindle to Market Udemy Courses, Utilizing Fiverr to Market Udemy Courses. SECTION 5: BONUS: How to Profit More Money with Existing Content -How to Profit from "Skillfeed", How to Profit from "Kindle", How to Profit from "YouTube", How to Profit from "Fiverr", How to Profit from "eduPOW". SECTION 6: BONUS: How to Increase Your Udemy Revenue on Google Hangouts -Get to Know the Top Instructors on Udemy, How Much Money the Top Instructors Profit on Udemy, How to Be Successful on Udemy (Part 1), How to Market Courses on Udemy, How to Be Successful on Udemy (Part 2).

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This Course is Made for Students and after completion you will find yourself with more confidence with increased knowledge related of this course along with Rapid Skillz Certificate.