Aprende a pintar o dibujar en Italia

Curso de Pintura y Dibujo en Florencia

Accademia Riaci
En Firenze (Italia)

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Tipología Curso
Lugar Firenze (Italia)
Duración 4 Semanas
  • Curso
  • Firenze (Italia)
  • Duración:
    4 Semanas

¡Regálate un viaje a Florencia para empaparte de arte! Con este curso de Pintura y Dibujo en Italia respirarás el arte de todos los tiempos y podrás aprender las técnicas más utilizadas en dibujo y pintura.


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comienzo Ubicación
50123, Firenze, Italia
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50123, Firenze, Italia
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Working directly with distinguished Florentine artists in studio, students studying the arts expand their knowledge and expertise through a combination of research, technical training and creative projects. Exposure to libraries, museums and private collections enhance this work.

Just for a month, you will start learning from basics of oil painting, water –color, fresco and other techniques to extend your learning to space structure and understanding s of shading, composition, including lectures on art history in order to study Italian art and out door drawing, participants will learn both traditional techniques and modern techniques.

For those who will take two months course, you will learn techniques that can be only mastered in Italy in more thorough fashion. You will feel only Florence will make your environment possible for you to come up with such an inspiration.

Our instructors are active in modern art and have very strong insights into traditional painting and have very strong background not only on basic techniques, but also on Fresco and traditional techniques. Their artistic talent is no need to mention, but also they excel in instructing students in exciting manner and are brimmed with artistic power of Italy. We believe these classes can imbue professional artists with strong sense of artistic power.

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