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This programme combines up-to-date commercial law with practical methods of translating this law into documentation.
It identifies and analyses the different types of contract and how the various statutes affect them, ensuring that you fully understand the impact of current legislation and case law, and looks at the potential impact of Brexit on your contracts. By the end of the course you will be able to recognise and deal confidently with the risks and benefits of commercial contracts.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

A two-day no-nonsense plain English practical course to get-to-grips with business and contract law for busy business executives.

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Contract and commercial managers and engineers
Sales and marketing managers
Project and procurement managers




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Natalie Carless
Sobre el curso: The content of the course was so good and modern. The presentation was good and Mark was so passionate in delivering the course.
Curso realizado: Mayo 2019
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Student's Review
Sobre el curso: The course was clear and relevant. It has given me practical examples which were so easy to understand.
Curso realizado: Mayo 2019
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Barbara Nijhuis
Sobre el curso: Good course and people were friendly.
Curso realizado: Mayo 2019
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Claire Staple
Sobre el curso: Course was accessible, presenters were excellent and I enjoyed a lot, thanks for everything.
Curso realizado: Mayo 2019
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Els Aoutin
Sobre el curso: The presenter was so straight forward and very clear in her areas. There was loads of good engagement in the group.
Curso realizado: Mayo 2019
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Contract Law
IT Law
Business Law
Business Studies
Risk Assessment
Commercial Law
IT risk
Legal Implications
Commercial Contracts
Contract Law
Legal contracts
Practical methods
Commercial Agreement
Drafting Skills
Legal Advise
Drafting Skills


Course overview
The law and regulations governing business and contract law are increasingly complex and now affect all industries and every type of commercial agreement; from entering into a contract, to validity of purchase conditions. If you are involved in commercial contracting or dealing with external parties at any level, you need to grasp the practical legal implications of these relationships to ensure you do not expose your organisation to unnecessary risk.

Additionally you need to protect your company from litigation and anticipate legal pitfalls.

This programme combines up-to-date commercial law with practical methods of translating this law into documentation. It identifies and analyses the different types of contract and how they are affected by the various statutes, ensuring that you fully grasp the impact of current legislation and case law.

This seminar is designed to offer a comprehensive and practical introduction to business contract law for non-lawyers. After two days, attendees will have gained the necessary knowledge to enable them to recognise and deal confidently with the risks and benefits of commercial contracts.

Featuring practical drafting workshops

The programme also includes two hands-on drafting exercises when participants will have an opportunity to practice their newly acquired drafting skills together with a workshop session on boilerplate clauses.

Why you should attend?

By attending this seminar, you will:

    • Gain practical experience of effective contract negotiation

    • Grasp the main issues impacting the early phase of offer and acceptance

    • Learn how to create a formal contract

    • Understand the legal background to common contract terms

    • Identify and understand the role of payment and performance obligations

    • Discover how to limit risk and identify the areas of potential claims

    • Examine ways to skilfully avoid disputes

    • Determine how to deal with and make defences to breach of contract

    • Get-to-grips with EU competition law and its impact on business contracts

    • Study some typical business agreements

Who should attend?

    • Contract managers and engineers

    • Commercial managers

    • Sales and marketing managers

    • Project managers

And all those involved in the negotiation, drafting and management of commercial business contracts
Programme - Day 1
Effective contract negotiation

    • Preparing for negotiation

    • Developing winning strategies

    • Understanding the rules negotiation and culture

    • Improving your communication skills

    • Mapping routes to agreement

Offer and acceptance

    • Defining the number of offers that can be on the table at any time

    • Understanding what is a counter offer

    • Examining what constitutes acceptance

Tools, techniques and terminology when creating a formal contract

    • Informal contracts

    • Standard terms

    • Letters of intent

    • Memorandum of Understanding

    • Enforceable contracts

Getting to grips with how the law changes what you thought you had agreed to

    • What are implied terms and where do you use them

    • Working within government restrictions

    • What is good faith and making it benefit your organisation

    • Misrepresentation

    • International convention

Understanding and effective drafting payment obligations

    • Advance/stage payments

    • Retention monies

    • The role of bonds

    • Credit insurance

    • Letters of credit

Including constructive performance obligations

    • Specific performance

    • Condition precedents

    • Delivery

    • Force majeure

    • The Doctrine of Frustration

Implications of law and regulations for international agreements

    • Incoterms

    • Personnel

    • Price and payment terms

    • Disputes

    • Exporting

When things go wrong - Limit contractual risk for your organisation

    • Identifying the areas of potential claims

    • Examining claims in contract

    • Examining claims in tort

    • What are the claims under other headings

    • Insurance


In this session participants will draft contract terms based on the skills and knowledge developed during the day under the guidance of experts

Programme - Day 2
Making defences to breach of contract

    • Misrepresentation

    • Duress

    • Mistake

    • Negligent misstatement

Termination - Understanding how and when contracts end

    • Duration

    • Liquidation

    • Change of control

Successfully resolving contractual disputes

    • Drafting key provisions to minimise the risk of disputes

    • ADR clauses

    • Arbitration - institutional or ad hoc

The impact of EU competition law

    • What the rules say

    • Prohibited agreements

    • Areas to watch - pricing; quantity restriction

    • Market sharing; public procurement rules; joint buying & selling

    • When the rules apply - De Minimis

    • Horizontal and vertical agreements

    • The role of the Block Exemptions


In this session participants will practice drafting contract terms and practical receive advise and guidance of how they can develop in this area.

Some typical agreements

This session will review the terms and conditions of some typical agreements to illustrate how to avoid the legal pitfalls and challenges faced

    • Service

    • Supply

    • Manufacture

    • Licensing

PRACTICAL WORKSHOP: Drafting and understanding boilerplate clauses

    • General provisions

    • Confidentiality

    • Costs

    • Assignment

    • Notices

    • Law of the contract