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Our award-winning marketing courses have a reputation for teaching excellence. Based within our flourishing Business School you will benefit from the support of leading academics who will teach you to think critically about marketing practice in a 21st century context. You will graduate as an independent marketing professional, primed with a suite of high-level marketing skills, coupled with the experience and confidence to flourish.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a marketing practitioner; as digital and social media merge with traditional communication methods, changing the way businesses operate. Our degree is a stepping stone to an exciting career across a range of disciplines, including: branding, customer relationship marketing, international marketing, advertising, public relations, sales and events management.

Why Study BA Honours Marketing?

Middlesex University Dubai provides students with the opportunity to achieve an Honours degree in Marketing in three years. A specialist degree in Marketing will provide you with skills that marketing professionals require to manage and market products and services effectively, and meet customer needs, within a globalised and competitive business landscape. The programme is structured to enable students to develop a range of theoretical and practical marketing skills, including; market research, product and service development, (international) marketing strategy, e-marketing, branding, relationship management and promotion. Such knowledge and skills are required to be effective within a professional context. As you are aware, effective marketing is essential to every successful organisation. Our specialist degree trains you to become a professional who can confidently lead and develop innovative marketing campaigns within a globalised business environment.


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  • E-marketing
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Buyer Behaviour
  • Branding
  • International
  • Advertising
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  • Planning
  • Social Media
  • Communication Training
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  • Services marketing
  • Marketing Research
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Programme Content

The course is designed to expand knowledge in three pivotal areas of marketing: the behaviour of consumers, marketing research and the management of brands.

In Year 1; you will study Marketing Theory and Practice, Market Intelligence, Personal and Professional Development and the Financial Aspects of Business.

In Year 2 you will focus on Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Research and Entrepreneurship and Small Business Marketing.

In Year 3 you will study three compulsory modules in Marketing Strategy and Planning, E-Marketing and Social Media and International Marketing designed to advance your skills and knowledge to propel your career. You will also be able to choose one option from a wider list of specialist marketing modules including: Direct and Customer Relationship Marketing, Creative Advertising and Promotion and Services Marketing Management.

Please refer to our Academic Calendar for further information:

Module and programme information is indicative and may be subject to change.

Note: Both core and optional modules are constantly updated and under review. As with most academic programmes, please remember that it is possible that a module may not be offered in any particular year, for instance because too few students opt for it. Middlesex University reserves the right to vary or withdraw any course or module.

  • Year 1
    • Marketing Tools and Analysis (15 Credits) - Compulsory The aim of this module is to provide an interesting and enjoyable introduction to the use of computer software to collect, analyse and present business data within a marketing environment. The module encourages students with little mathematical background or a fear of mathematics to develop confidence and ability in quantitative skills for marketing areas, which can be built upon in further study. The module will help students to use statistical methods in order to solve decision making problems.
    • Marketing Finance (15 Credits) - Compulsory The module aims to develop financial understanding and knowledge within a marketing context and to enable students to understand the financial implications and outcomes of marketing decisions. It aims to provide students with the tools they will need to justify marketing investment decisions.
    • Creativity and Communication (30 Credits) - Compulsory This module is designed to provide students with an overview of the techniques and tools of marketing communications. Students will explore the various communication channels available, including advertising, Public Relations, sponsorship, relationship marketing and guerrilla communication strategies. The strengths and applications of each channel will be analysed and illustrated with case examples of best and failed practice. The module puts a particular emphasis on the contribution of creativity and the key techniques used to transform creative ideas into integrated communication campaigns.
    • Consumer Behaviour (30 Credits) - Compulsory The aim of this module is to enable students to learn factors that influence buyer behaviour in different contexts, such as buying for self, gift buying, buying on the Internet, buyer behaviour in groups e.g. households or families and buying behaviour in organisations. Relevant theories of consumer and organisational behaviour will be explored and critiqued to gain insight into how and why buyers behave the way they often do. Students will be expected to learn elements of buyer behaviour, including product choice behaviour, habitual buyer behaviour, product retention, product disposal, and brand loyalty. Students will also be expected to relate theories of buyer behaviour to contemporary marketing.
    • Marketing Theory and Practice (30 Credits) - Compulsory This module is designed to provide students with an overview of key marketing concepts and techniques, as they apply in a variety of organisations and in both conventional and online environments. Students will develop knowledge and understanding of the core role of marketing in determining the growth potential of an enterprise, including the value of the marketing mix in ensuring successful marketing implementation and the significance of external and internal operating environments for marketing practice.
  • Year 2
    • Content Marketing and Media Editing (15 Credits) - Compulsory The module aims to provide students with an overview of content marketing and media editing from both a theoretical and practical perspective. The practice of content marketing in today's marketing landscape will be outlined in addition to how content marketing plays a vital role in customer attraction and retention. In preparation for internship and employment, students will be required to develop a portfolio containing elements of a content marketing plan for organisations and brands. With a focus on audio-visual and imagery content creation, students will be introduced to image and video editing software during lab sessions.
    • Digital Marketing (30 Credits) - Compulsory The aim of this module is to develop students’ knowledge and skills for understanding the complexity of the new digital landscape. The module provides a critical context in which to analyse the current digital developments. In particular, the module will facilitate students’ learning of e-marketing models, social media and e-tailing in order to produce a coherent digital marketing strategy. 
    • Marketing Research and Insights (30 Credits) - Compulsory This module aims to familiarise students with the importance of marketing research and insights to business and, in particular, the marketing management process. Students will learn how to conduct a marketing research project, including establishing business research needs, gaining insights into the consumer market, designing an appropriate research design, creating research instruments, gathering data primary and secondary data, conducting both qualitative and quantitative data analysis, and using the findings to improve marketing decision-making.
    • Brand Management (15 Credits) - Compulsory

      In a context where a diverse range of organisations and individuals are required to imagine and communicate themselves as brands, (a set of symbols, values, and emotions that convey a certain narrative vision of the world), brand management has emerged as a key discipline that integrates a range of competencies from across the spectrum of marketing communications. This module introduces the knowledge and skills that are required to create, manage and communicate brands as well as assess their socio-cultural impact and economical value.

    • Advertising and Sales Promotion (15 Credits) - Optional This module aims to develop students' knowledge of the theory and practice of advertising and promotion. Students learn how to use both advertising theory and specific promotion-related theory to inform and develop advertising and promotion campaigns. They learn how these promotional activities fit within and contribute to overall marketing strategies and objectives while learning to develop, implement and evaluate advertising and promotion campaigns
    • Entrepreneurial Marketing (15 Credits) - Optional This module provides insights, strategies, and actions on how to apply entrepreneurial marketing concepts that can be used to find, evaluate, and exploit the right market opportunity. It then focuses on the various phases and steps of the entrepreneurial marketing process, highlighting specifically what is unique to and effective for entrepreneurial pursuits. Entrepreneurial marketing focuses on the challenge of successfully developing customer demand for new market opportunities for all organisations and individuals, sustaining growth in today’s dynamic marketing environments.
    • Customer Engagement Marketing (15 Credits) - Optional This module is concerned with developing effective customer relationship and customer engagement strategies in B2B and B2C contexts. Particularly, how companies can develop their customer engagement strategy that sets clear goals for the engagement process, the methods and techniques for achieving these goals, and – importantly – ways of evaluating the success of achieving these goals, identifying potential opportunities for improving engagement strategies
    • New Product Development and Innovation (15 Credits) - Optional This module aims to develop students’ understanding of the key principles of product and service development and innovation management, and to enhance their ability to put into practice these concepts. The module provides students with a core understanding of how product and service development contributes to the success of a firm and enables students to evaluate what is required to develop and deliver successful marketing strategies for innovative new products and services in the era of engagement economy.
  • Year 3
    • Global and Cross-cultural Marketing (15 Credits) - Compulsory This module introduces students to current theory and practice in global marketing and develops their ability to apply cultural concepts to marketing challenges. Students will learn about new cultures in both the developed and emerging world and how to adapt marketing strategies accordingly for business success.
    • Services Marketing Management (30 Credits) - Compulsory This module aims to offer in-depth exploration of services marketing management, emphasising those concepts, practices and techniques that are pertinent to service. Students will synthesise and apply previous study of management and marketing concepts and techniques and relate business theory to practice through the use of specialised service-sector case studies.
    • Marketing Strategy and Planning (30 Credits) - Compulsory This module aims at giving students a sound understanding of the ideas and models that are at the basis of strategic marketing and planning. The understanding is reinforced and applied in workshops and by analysing case studies, then by tackling a real life extensive project.
    • Marketing Consultancy Project (15 Credits) - Optional The module builds on learning from prior modules and provides students with the experience of working collaboratively on a real, client-driven consultancy project. External clients will provide a project brief and students will work in teams to develop practical solutions.  The module gives students an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to real organisations and facilitates the practice of team-working, problem-solving, reflective and presentation skills, as well as an understanding of the complexities relating to client management and project deliverables.
    • Digital Campaign Planning and Analytics (15 Credits) - Optional This module aims to provide students with an overview of digital campaign planning and analytics from a theoretical and practical perspective. Students will be exposed to the whole life cycle of a digital campaign that incorporates the development of a campaign idea, implementation frameworks and measurement strategies. The module will be supported by a range of analytical techniques and tools such as funnel analysis, Google Analytics and Tag Manager.
    • Fashion Marketing (15 Credits) - Optional

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Start: September
Duration: 3 Years
Attendance: Full Time
Course leader: Rory McConnon MSc MBA FHEA PMP
Fees (Total) 37.149,84 GBP
September 2020
Year 1 - 12.384,26 GBP
Year 2 - 12.384,26 GBP
Year 3 - 12.384,26 GBP 

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BA Honours Marketing

$ 35.948.459

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