BA (Hons) Politics - Part-time

Bachelor's degree

En Lincoln (England)

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    Bachelor's degree

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    Lincoln (England)

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The first year offers a broad introduction to the institutions and structures of power in Britain, relationships between nations, and key concepts and thinkers in the social sciences.

Students progress to consider the core ideas underpinning politics and closely-related disciplines, such as international relations, and begin to apply these to the study of politics in a range of settings including the USA, the EU, the Middle East, and Asia.

The final year provides opportunities to explore the many ways in which those wielding power are held to account. Students can delve deeply into contemporary political challenges such as migration, terrorism, state violence, inequality, gender, sexuality, and societies undergoing political transformation. Modules can include Global Conflicts and Contexts; Political Parties; Model United Nations; Applied Politics; and Who Runs Britain? Power, Politics and Beyond.

Información importante

¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?: The programme aims to equip students with a deep and broad understanding of politics as a discipline, a concept, and an activity, and with a range of transferable research skills. Politics at Lincoln is designed to give students the opportunity to develop transferable skills including oral, written and visual presentation skills, policy analysis, statistical data processing, and public speaking.

Requisitos: United Kingdom GCE Advanced Levels: BBC International Baccalaureate: 29 points overall BTEC Extended Diploma: Distinction, Merit, Merit Access to Higher Education Diploma: 45 Level 3 credits with a minimum of 112 UCAS Tariff points

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Lincoln (Lincolnshire)
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  • International Relations
  • Politics
  • International
  • Global
  • Part Time
  • Political Parties
  • Power Politics
  • Social Science
  • Contexts
  • Applying Research
  • Global Conflicts


First Year
  • Applying Research (Social Sciences) (Core)
  • Global Conflicts and Contexts (Core)
  • Key Social Science Concepts (Option)†
  • Who Runs Britain? Power, Politics and Beyond (Core)
Second Year
  • (Re)Reading the Sociological Canon I (Option)
  • (Re)reading the Sociological Canon II (Option)
  • Applied Politics (Core)
  • Approaches to Quantitative Data Analysis (Option)
  • Challenges of European Politics (Option)
  • Comparative Politics and Policy (Core)
  • Conceptualising Sex Work (Option)
  • Crime in Literature (Option)
  • Debating Welfare States (Option)
  • Foreign Policy Analysis (Option)
  • Governing America (Option)
  • Ideology into Practice (Option)
  • Intelligence and Security Law (Option)
  • Internationalising Cultural Studies (Option)
  • Nations and Nationalism (Option)
  • Policing Crime and Deviance (Option)
  • Political Parties (Core)
  • Politics and Society in Contemporary China (Option)
  • Psychology in the Criminal Justice Process (Option)
  • Researching Politics and International Relations (Core)
  • Social Engagement (Option)
  • Sociology of Education (Option)
  • Sociology of Religion (Option)
  • Thinking International Relations (Option)
  • Thinking Politics (Core)
  • Transnational Security Studies (Option)
  • Understanding the City (Option)
  • Understanding the European Union (Option)
  • Welfare Policy and Work (Option)
  • Work and Society (Option)
  • Youth Justice (Option)
  • Youth, Culture and Resistance (Option)
Third Year
  • Analysing the Policy Process (Option)
  • Body Politics (Option)
  • Care or control? Welfare institutions in Britain before the welfare state (Option)
  • Central Asia in Global Politics (Option)
  • Children, Families and the State (Option)
  • Counter-Terrorism Studies (Option)
  • Crimes of the Powerful (Option)
  • Emotions in Everyday Social Life (Option)
  • Global Civil Society (Core)
  • Global Governance (Option)
  • Human Rights (Social Sciences) (Option)
  • Independent Study (Politics and International Relations) (Core)
  • International Law (Option)
  • International Relations of the Middle East (Option)
  • Multiculturalism and Britishness (Option)
  • Parliamentary Studies (Core)
  • Penology and Penal Policy (Option)
  • Police Studies (Option)
  • Psychology in Prisons (Option)
  • Race and Racism (Option)
  • The Colonial Present (Option)
  • The Developing World (Option
  • The Politics of Energy (Option)†
  • The Politics of Global Health (Option)
  • The Politics of Masculinity (Option)
  • The Politics of Migration in the UK and Western Europe (Option)
  • Understanding the Policy Process (Option)
  • War Crimes and Genocide (Option)

Información adicional

2020/21    Part-time 
UK/EU       £77.00 per credit point

BA (Hons) Politics - Part-time

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