BEng Food Engineering - Full-time

Bachelor's degree

En Lincoln, Holbeach (England)

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This course can be undertaken as part of a Degree or Higher Apprenticeship. The BEng (Hons) Food Engineering programme is tailored to the needs of individuals embarking on careers in food and drink organisations, from infrastructure, asset care, production management, and process development. Food Engineers deliver efficient, effective, and high performance food and drink production processes and systems, many of which are specific to the industry.

Students typically complete the Foundation course in two and a half years and have the option to enrol on level three of the Bachelor’s degree, following a short bridging course, to pursue more in-depth study for an additional two years. Direct enrolment on to the Bachelor’s degree is available for students who meet the entry requirements.


  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • systems
  • Industry
  • Engineering
  • Full Time
  • Quality Training
  • Engineering Management
  • Production
  • Development


First Year
  • CAD and Technical Drawing (Core)
  • Electrical and Electronic Technology (Core)
  • Food Components and Materials for Food Engineers (Core)
  • Food Quality Assurance, HACCP and Hygiene (Core)
  • Health & Safety, Energy and The Environment (Core)
  • Introduction to Robotics (Core)
  • Mathematics for Engineers (Core)
  • Statics and Dynamics (Core)
Second Year
  • Analogue Electronics (Option)
  • Applied Dynamics and Vibrations (Option)
  • Applied Thermofluids (Core)
  • Digital Systems and Microprocessors (Option)
  • Food Factory Design (Core)
  • Food Packaging Systems and Machinery (Core)
  • Food Process Engineering (Core)
  • Industrial Continuous Improvement (Core)
  • Mechatronics Systems (Core)
  • Solid Body Mechanics (Option)
Third Year
  • Advanced Application of Automation to Food Industry (Option)
  • Advanced Mechanical Food Systems (Option)
  • Engineering Management and Lean Manufacturing Practices (Core)
  • Food Engineering Project (Core)
  • Food Production and Operations Management (Option)
  • Food Production, Processes and Technologies (Core)
  • Robotics and Automation (Core)

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BEng Food Engineering - Full-time

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