BSc (Hons) Chemistry with Mathematics

Bachelor's degree

En Lincoln (England)

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    Bachelor's degree

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    Lincoln (England)

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Knowledge of advanced mathematics provides a key to understanding the diversity and complexity of the chemical world. This joint honours degree integrates these fundamental subjects, providing students with the chance to examine the relationship between the disciplines and the important roles they play in different contexts.

The chemistry curriculum on this programme has been devised to integrate the main sub-disciplines of chemistry effectively, relating physical chemistry concepts to aspects of organic and inorganic chemistry, and to the methods used for analysing substances. The programme provides the opportunity to gain a comprehensive knowledge of chemistry alongside subject-specific and generic skills with the aim of developing a strong understanding of how chemistry is applied to problems with direct impact on society.

Chemistry at Lincoln is designed to produce employable graduates with a broad background in academic chemistry and significant experience of the application of chemistry in contexts relevant to society and industry.

Información importante

¿Esta formación es para mi?: Chemistry graduates may pursue a wide range of science-related careers in sectors including energy, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and consumer and personal care products.

This course aims to equip graduates with extensive analytical and mathematical skills which are relevant to roles in finance, management, science-based marketing and journalism, education, and academic research. Some graduates may choose to continue their studies at postgraduate level.

Requisitos: United Kingdom GCE Advanced Levels: BBC, to include a grade B from A Level Maths. International Baccalaureate: 29 points overall, with Higher Level Grade 5 in Maths or Chemistry. BTEC Extended Diploma in Applied Science: Distinction, Merit, Merit

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Lincoln (Lincolnshire)
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  • Mathematics
  • Calculus
  • systems
  • GCSE Mathematics
  • Spectroscopy
  • Introduction
  • Chemistry
  • Structure
  • Energy
  • Electronic
  • Reactivity


First Year
  • Calculus (Core)
  • Chemistry Extension 1: Electronic Structure, Spectroscopy and Reactivity in p-Block Compounds (Core)
  • Core Chemistry 1.1: Introduction to Energy, Change and Electronic Structure (Core)
  • Core Chemistry 1.2: Molecular Structure, Bonding and Mechanism (Core)
  • Practical Chemistry 1.1: Fundamental laboratory techniques (Core)
  • Practical Chemistry 1.2: Introduction to synthetic methodologies and molecular characterisation (Core)
  • Probability and Statistics (Core)
Second Year
  • Chemistry Extension 2: Electronic Structure, Spectroscopy and Reactivity in d- and f-Block Compounds (Core)
  • Core Chemistry 2.1: Stability, Structure and Mechanism in Molecular Systems (Core)
  • Core Chemistry 2.2: Chemistry of Activated Systems and Radicals (Core)
  • Differential Equations (Core)
  • Industrial and Financial Mathematics (Core)
  • Practical Chemistry 2.1: Organic synthesis, purification and advanced characterisation (Core)
  • Practical Chemistry 2.2: Inorganic synthesis and structural methods (Core)
Third Year
  • Core Chemistry 3.1: Defining Shape, Symmetry and Stereochemistry (Core)
  • Core Chemistry 3.2: Heterogeneous Systems, Surfaces and Nanoscience (Core)
  • Mathematics Project (Core)
  • Practical Chemistry 3.1: Advanced techniques in IO-chemistry (Core)
  • Structured project (Core)

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Full-time - International - £15,900 per level

Part-time - UK/EU  - £77.00 per credit point

BSc (Hons) Chemistry with Mathematics

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