BSc (Hons) Games Computing - Part-time

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En Lincoln (England)

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    Bachelor's degree

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    Lincoln (England)

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The BSc (Hons) Games Computing programme at Lincoln aims to develop the skills and attributes required for roles in the competitive computing sector. The course is designed to help students develop as versatile professionals, capable of thriving in a wide range of post-university employment destinations. Students also have the opportunity to develop skills that lend themselves to the ever-growing, multi-billion pound video games industry.

The course explores computer science through the specific use-case of games. Students have the opportunity to develop programming skills, alongside specialist modules in topics including games design, 3D graphics, mathematics, and artificial intelligence.

The strong conceptual and methodological grounding in both games design and games development gives Lincoln’s Games Computing course a distinctive edge. Students are encouraged to recognise that software engineering is as important as creative design in the success of computer game products and software applications. The course will also explore the role of playful systems beyond the games industry, looking at how games have been applied to sectors such as education and fitness. While our graduates can target careers in the video games industry, their skills may also be applied to a number of different employment pathways, including systems and development roles in the NHS, automotive industry, education sector, and design roles across multiple industries.

Información importante

¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?: The course aims to develop a skillset that is applicable to the wider spectrum of the digital sector. Beyond learning how to develop software, students can also develop an understanding of the interaction between the computer and its user, and how to design an engaging experience.

We aim to produce graduates who can adapt to quickly evolving technology and play key roles within the companies at the forefront of those advances. Beyond how to develop technology, a games computing student can also gain an understanding of how to make it engaging, playful, and fun.

¿Esta formación es para mi?: This degree aims to equip graduates with the skills necessary for a technical career. Graduates can work across the games industry as developers, tools programmers, artificial intelligence programmers, level designers, mission scripters, games testers, and in many other roles in the wider IT industry.

Lincoln graduates have gone on to work for computer games industry giants and other specialist companies in the sector. These include Electronic Arts (EA Games), Criterion Games, Rockstar Games, Sumo Digital, BAE Systems, and Team 17.

Requisitos: United Kingdom GCE Advanced Levels: BBC International Baccalaureate: 29 points overall BTEC Extended Diploma: Distinction, Merit, Merit Access to Higher Education Diploma: 45 Level 3 credits with a minimum of 112 UCAS Tariff points Applicants will also need at least three GCSEs at grade 4 (C) or above, which must include English and Maths. Equivalent Level 2 qualifications may also be considered.

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Lincoln (Lincolnshire)
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  • Computing
  • Software Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Algorithms
  • Design
  • Graphics
  • systems
  • Industry
  • Engineering
  • Part Time
  • Programming
  • Image processing
  • Machine Learning


First Year
  • Algorithms and Complexity (Core)
  • Game Design (Core)
  • Game Studies (Core)
  • Maths for Computing (Core)
  • Object-Oriented Programming (Core)
  • Problem Solving (Core)
  • Programming Fundamentals (Core)
Second Year
  • Advanced Programming (Core)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Core)
  • Concept Development (Core)
  • Game Programming (Core)
  • Scalable Database Systems (Core)
  • Team Software Engineering (Core)
  • User Experience Design (Core)
Third Year
  • Autonomous Mobile Robotics (Option)
  • Big Data (Option)
  • Cross-Platform Development (Option)
  • Cyber Security (Option)
  • Graphics (Core)
  • Image Processing (Option)
  • Machine Learning (Option)
  • Parallel Programming (Option)
  • Physics Simulation (Core)
  • Procedural Content Generation (Core)
  • Project (Core)
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (Option)

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BSc (Hons) Games Computing - Part-time

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