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Why study this programme?If you have the ability but not the qualifications, this extended degree may be for you. This four-year degree programme includes a foundation year.
The BA Hons Criminology (Extended) programme's foundation year is designed to give you:
An introduction to criminology. An introduction to social sciences. Improved communication skills. Academic writing skills.. After successful completion of the foundation year, you will go on - over the remaining three years of the BA Hons Criminology (Extended) programme - to explore key transnational issues including security, terrorism, cyber-crime and the criminology of war. You will learn about crime scene investigation, forensic psychology, criminal profiling and the criminal justice system in the UK. Then your learning will progress on to how to carry out research on crime and criminals, which equips you for a final-year dissertation research project on a criminological topic of your choice.
The programme is designed to enhance your academic knowledge, develop your academic skills and provide transferable skills to aid future employment. You will be encouraged to volunteer with various criminal justice agencies during your studies.
Among the range of courses offered, the programme includes the opportunity to be selected, separately, for the:
'Inside and Outside Perspectives on Criminology and Criminal Justice' course in which students study a criminology course in a prison, alongside serving prisoners;. and the:
'Criminology, the Community and Work-Based Practice' - a work-placement course which involves students volunteering in an agency that is either part of or complementary to the Criminal Justice System (typically, full-time, students on this course attend their work placement one day a week during the timetabled teaching weeks the course runs in).. In


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Year 1

  • Foundations of Criminology (30 credits)
  • Forensic Criminology (30 credits)
  • Understanding Deviance (30 credits)
  • Professional Practice in Criminal Justice (15 credits)
  • Criminal Justice Process (15 credits)

  • Year 2

  • Criminological Research Methods (30 credits)
  • Criminological Perspectives (30 credits)

  • Year 3

  • Crime in the City, Crime and the State (30 credits)

  • Información adicional

    Assessment In your first year on the BA Hons Criminology (Extended) degree programme, you will be taught - on the element of the degree programme delivered by the School of Law (i.e. the 30-credit 'Introduction to Criminology' course/module) - through lectures and seminars and you will participate in group work and one-to-one meetings with your personal tutor. You will be assessed predominantly by essays and portfolios. For years 2 to 4 of the Extended degree, you will be assessed in the same way as for the three-year, full-time, BA Hons Criminology degree programme. Careers Potential career paths for graduates include the police and prison and security services, the Home Office, UK Visas & Immigration and HM Revenue & Customs. Alternative career paths may include social work, child protection, mental health, community safety and crime reduction, and working for the Youth Justice Board. In addition, the programme provides a good foundation for other occupations in both the public and private sectors. To ensure we deliver the best learning experience for our students, the structure and delivery of courses may change to reflect knowledge and industry standards. Course options illustrated here may not be available to all students and may not run every year. If you would like more information on this programme, please contact us at

    Criminology (Extended), BA Hons

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