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Our two-year Foundation Degree in Community Sport is the perfect course for those who wish to develop their skills whilst supporting the local community. Our programme will equip you to pursue a variety of different career paths from youth work, to coaching to sports participation and more. Completion of this course will allow you to progress onto an honours degree in physical education or sport.
You will have the support of our specialist PE & Sport University-based staff as well as benefiting from our strong partnership with Charlton Athletic Community Trust. This partnership will enable you to take part in Community sport development courses, as well as giving you the opportunity to participate in work-based learning and placement courses.
In order to develop contemporary knowledge and understanding, key theoretical and vocational aspects of the programme are studied at each academic level. This will not only develop your practical skills, but also give you a solid theoretical understanding of sport in the Community.
The training that you will receive with us will enhance the employability skills that you will need to enter a range of sport-related careers and is ideal for anyone who wants to work in Community Sport, particularly those trusts and foundations associated with professional football clubs.
Your Training with UsOur foundation degree will develop your capacity to observe, analyse and critically evaluate sport performance through five main disciplines:
Theoretical aspects (sociology, psychology and scientific). Community Sport (including placements). Sport Development. Research in Community Sport. Employability in Community Sport. Throughout the programme, you will develop your research and IT skills, including an understanding and use of statistical


  • Physical Education
  • Employability


Year 1

  • Physical Education and Sport: Sociological Aspects (15 credits)
  • Physical Education and Sport: Scientific Aspects (15 credits)
  • Physical Education and Sport: Psychological Aspects (15 credits)
  • Research & Employability in Physical Education & Sport (15 credits)
  • Physical Education and Sport: Philosophy and Policy (15 credits)
  • Community Sport Development 1 (15 credits)
  • Community Sport Work-based Learning (30 credits)

  • Year 2

  • Research Methods in Physical Education & Sport (15 credits)
  • Physical Education & Sport: Scientific Aspects 2 (15 credits)
  • Physical Education and Sport: Sociological Aspects 2 (15 credits)
  • Physical Education & Sport: Psychological Aspects 2 (15 credits)
  • Physical Education and Sport: Policy, Pedagogy and Practice (15 credits)
  • Community Sports Development 2 (15 credits)
  • Community Sports Work Placement (30 credits)

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    Assessment In addition to developing the skills necessary to demonstrate understanding through written examinations and assignments, students will also acquire the skills to be assessed through, for example, portfolio tasks, poster presentations, report writing, proposals and case study. This varied combination of assessments is designed to complement the teaching and learning strategies and support the philosophy of student-centred learning. Careers This foundation degree is designed to develop relevant, contemporary knowledge and understanding as well as relevant employability skills to enable students to enter a range of sport related careers. The continued expansion of the sport, leisure and fitness industries has created increased employment opportunities. For example, in addition to Community Sport and sports coaching, other opportunities exist in sports development, sports promotion, sports administration, sports marketing, and sports manufacturing. Specialised equipment Students will have access to a range of indoor and outdoor facilities e.g. exercise rooms, sports hall, Airdome, dance studio, and 3G pitches. There will be opportunities for a variety of different work placement experiences with the Charlton Athletic Community Trust.

    FdA Community Sport

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