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CIW Web Foundations Associate - Exam (1D0-610)

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Provide any potential employers with permanent evidence of your skillset and knowledge with this CIW Foundations Associate Examination.

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Students who take this course and pass the 1D0-610 examination will be able to go into roles such as web designer, web developer and front end developer.

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This exam is aimed at anyone who has completed the CIW Foundations Associate course and wants to gain certification.

Requisitos: There are no official pre-requisites to sit the exam, but we do recommend students take the CIW Foundations Associate course before attempting.


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Search Engine Optimisation
Web Foundation


The CIW Web Foundations Associate exam 1D0-610 lasts for 90 minutes and contains 90 questions across the three course areas – Internet Business Associate, Site Development Associate and Network Technology Associate. In order to pass the exam, candidates need to achieve a score of 63.33%. CIW Internet Business Associate Identify • Job roles in the IT industry. • Infrastructure required to access the internet. • Basic principles of Domain Name System (DNS). • Web browser functions and features. • Security issues related to internet clients. • Principles of Personal Information Management (PIM). • Ethical and legal issues faced by IT professionals. Define • Important internet communication protocols and their roles in delivering internet services. • Additional networking and internet services. • Essential social networking and web 2.0 concepts. Demonstrate • Ways to communicate effectively using the internet. CIW Site Development Associate Identify • Design and colours principles for webpages. • Essential website navigation issues. • Steps in the website planning and development process. • Management, testing and legal issues in developing a website. • Benefits and drawbacks of running your own web server using a service provider. • Common strategies for managing an end-user’s experience. Define • XML and identifying its features and appropriate use. • Essential aspects of CSS. • E-Commerce and related technologies. • Concepts necessary to develop a secure, useful interface. Demonstrate • The knowledge required to build a web page. • Knowledge of languages commonly used to provide database connectivity to websites. Network Technology Associate Identify • The role of networking hardware and how to configure it for operation. • The relationship between IP addresses and domain names. • The functions and components of servers commonly used on the internet. • Common internet security and availability issues. • Common performance issues affecting internet clients. Demonstrate • Knowledge of basic data communications components. • Technical knowledge of the internet. • An understanding of virtualisation. Explain • Concepts involving personal privacy protection on the internet.

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