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Tipología Vocational qualification
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Learn to communicate successfully! This course improves your ability to communicate in all situations. You learn to write and speak more fluently. Behaviour, visual communications, language, public speaking, conducting meetings, writing letters and reports, communications technology, and lots more are covered. This course forms part of an Advanced Certificate in Applied Management unit which will earn you credit if you choose to continue your studies.

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comienzo Ubicación
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Distance Learning
comienzo Fechas a escoger
Distance Learning

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Public Speaking
Communication Training
Skills and Training
Writing Skills


Lesson Structure: Communications VWR100

There are 8 lessons:

Toto gain an understanding of the concepts of communications
Types of Communication
To identify the types of communications and barriers to communication.
Language Skills
To develop language skills, particularly wording.
Writing Skills
To evaluate and improve writing skills and themes.
Developing Writing Skills
To develop journalistic concepts in writing.
Visual Communications
To identify the significance of visual representation of information.
Public Speaking
To become aware of the techniques of speaking in public and prepare a speech.
Committee Meetings
To identify the function and processes involved in a committee meeting

This course is taught by:

Lee Raye

M.A. (hons) Celtic Studies, (the University of Aberdeen); M.St. Celtic Studies, (the University of Oxford)
Lee is a PhD candidate at Cardiff University with degrees from Aberdeen and Oxford. He has written two books, digitalised another and written several academic papers. He has been interviewed by National Geographic and presented papers at eleven different national and international conferences and seminars. Lee’s native language is English and, if asked, he is always happy to help students with their English spelling and grammar. He is also a keen proponent of the digital revolution and dreams of a world where all books are available instantly to be read, searched or treasured. Although he mainly writes non-fiction, he loves Victorian literature as well as modern fiction and poetry of all kinds. His academic knowledge of medieval events, cultures and the history of Britain’s environment make him especially qualified to help students interested in world building. He is currently finishing off his PhD in wildlife history and tutors the Wildlife Law course.
Learning Goals: Communications VWR100

Explain the communication process
Explain the types of communication approaches used.
Demonstrate language skills that are concise and precise.
Explain the importance of writing as an effective form of communication.
Demonstrate writing skills as an effective form of communication.
Describe various forms of visual communication and how they are generally used to impart messages.
Prepare for effective verbal communication.
Conduct committee meetings.


People can Communicate poorly in many different ways, for example:

Fragmented Sentence (ie.This is where a writer incorrectly ends a sentence that is not a complete sentence)
Run on Sentences (ie. Two clauses or sentences are not separated.e.g. I ate this morning my friend ate leftovers).
Comma Splices (ie. This occurs when two independent clauses are joined together by a comma. e.g. The soup cooked for three hours, it was tasteless.)
Dangling Modifier (ie. A modifier is a word or phrase that modifies (tells more about) word or phrase. A dangling modifier occurs where the thing being modified is not included. e.g. Typing at my computer, the foot rail broke off).
Confusion can also arise when you say or write one thing but your facial expressions or actions are inconsistent with what you say.

There are many other issues to consider and understand with respect to communication; and this is precisely what this course will do.

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Sociology, English, Teaching