Fashion Design For Beginners (moda para Principiantes)

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En London (Inglaterra)

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Tipología Curso
Nivel Nivel iniciación
Lugar London (Inglaterra)
Horas lectivas 90h
  • Curso
  • Nivel iniciación
  • London (Inglaterra)
  • 90h

Objetivo del curso: Cursos veraniegos de preparación para carreras en diseño y Moda.
Dirigido a: A jóvenes estudiantes, graduados, licenciados y profesionales con intereses en el mundo de diseño y moda.


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comienzo Ubicación
CSM Short Course Office, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, London, Inglaterra, N1C 4AA, London, Inglaterra
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comienzo Consultar
CSM Short Course Office, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, London, Inglaterra, N1C 4AA, London, Inglaterra
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· Requisitos

Edad mínima 18 años, y graduados. Comprensión de la lengua Inglesa.


About the Course

If you are interested in fashion and thinking of going to a fashion college but need advice on how to get there then this course is your first step. During the first nine days you will be immersed in the famous fashion department of Central Saint Martins where you will complete short projects that push your creativity, develop your research skills and nurture an analytic approach to your work and the work of others. You will study design and illustration skills, how to be inspired by people and places around you and how to create a portfolio that prepares you for further studies. You will be expected to work hard and fast, learn from your mistakes and not be scared to take risks. By the end of your time in London you will have created a portfolio of sketches, designs and illustrations, and leave with an enthusiasm to begin creating further project work during your time in Milan. Lectures and studio sessions will be combined with visits to museums and galleries and other places of interest to designers. Following your creative and conceptual challenges in London you will then move on to Milan where you will design a small, co-ordinated fashion collection and invent a wearable, constructed garment. Sewing skills are not essential. You will be given a design project with a contemporary theme to research and develop using books, magazines, internet or other appropriate sources. You will be shown how to present and illustrate your ideas to the maximum effect, with the best ways to prepare a portfolio for the final presentation. You will assemble mood-boards using current magazines and any relevant material that best represents the look of your collection. Notebooks, diaries and sketchbooks will be created using colour, fantasy, originality and plenty of imagination. If you are not so confident about your drawing skills you will be helped to show your ideas and concepts in new ways. You will be encouraged to take notes during any talks or lectures, and lists will be provided for places to go to and see out of lesson times such as museums and shops etc. Throughout the course you will be shown how to maximize your potential. The importance of research and presentation skills will be stressed, and you will learn how to have fun whilst working hard. To join this course it will help if you can draw, but that is not essential. You should have good English skills and a willingness to learn.

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