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Fashion Management in the Craft Industry

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Emagister adds to its catalog the Fashion Management in the Craft Industry offered by IED, which is the first Postgraduate Program developed and shared between two main Schools, based in Madrid and Florence.

Today, the manufacturing and distribution processes of luxury products are increasingly complex and sophisticated, and also more personalised, so these sectors require professionals who can coordinate and manage with precision and quality this kind of production process. Responsible, professional and efficient people who can understand the business model and simultaneously coordinate the manufacturing of products, negotiate with suppliers, monitor stock distribute and define the commercial strategy of a product.

Because of this, the Postgraduate Course in Fashion Management in the Crafts Industry is based on the acquisition of knowledge in the fields of management, marketing, craftsmanship values and buying, developing skills and practical experiences in product management in the widest sense of the word, with a specific focus on the Made in Italy industry.

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Fashion Management
Business model
Quality Training
Communication Training
Product Management


Programme Online (March – April 2017)

Module 1. Introductory subjects – online (IED CAMPUS online)

During this phase, students will work on their own via an online platform, with the support of a tutor for monitoring and to resolve any doubts. These subjects deal with basic, cultural and instrumental knowledge, indispensable for entering the profession. Certain subjects require assessment tests to guarantee that the subject matter has been successfully learned, in order to be able to tackle the beginning of the attendance-based module correctly.


- InDesign


- History and Culture of Design

- Sustainability in Fashion


- Fashion contextualization

- Analysis of trends

- Product and collection

- Fabrics and colour

- Fashion vocabulary

  Programme at the IED Madrid (5 weeks)

Module 2. Specific subjects- attendance-based


The aim of this module is to go deeply into product management, from the time that the commercial need for a product emerges on the market, until it goes on sale. It includes design, production, negotiations with suppliers and the management of distribution and logistics channels.

• Life cycle of the product

• Global luxury brand management

• Strategic management in luxury & retail

• Management accessories, bags and shoes

• Planning the buying process of a collection

• Negotiating licensing /franchising

• Entrepreneurship in the Fashion Industry

• Introduction to ecommerce


The importance of the departments of marketing and sales will be analysed, introducin the student to the basic tools needed for the correct execution of the defined strategy.

• Management and sales

• Team building and gamification

• Client Experience

• Brand expansion

• Marketing below the line


Programme at the IED Florence (5 weeks)

Module 3. Specific subjects - attendance-based

Italian Fashion System: focus on fashion craftsmanship and product experience. 

This course offers students a unique perspective on the Italian fashion industry, in particular on the role of design and trends forecasting in fashion manufacturing. It includes a combination of lectures and fashion site visits that are based around the local fashion production of Made in Italy as well as craftsmanship production processes. Moreover, the course will highlight the role of fashion design and fashion communication in relation to high-end manufacturing chains.

• Fashion, from concept to consumer.

• Analysis (latest edition of Pitti fair).

• Analytical research, in particular working on relations between creative concepts and quality in craftsmanship.

• History of “made in Italy”: between innovation and craftsmanship.

• Focus on culture and pret-à-porter “made in Italy” case stories: making local productions a global heritage. G-local business strategies

• Italian fashion system and ecommerce: highlighting the experiential strategy on the product values. Visit to Luisaviaroma and guest speaker.

• Webmarketing strategy.

• Craftsmanship company visits (focus on leather accessories from Florence’s manufacturing district).

Events and communication strategy for highend fashion products.

This course aims to develop in the student the ability to find and analyse the difference between all the types of event used to promote a single object, a collection, a brand or a shop, considering a fashion event as part of the communication and marketing process of a company. A very important emphasis will be given to the capacity of the students to conceive and plan the events strategy, in all its parts – from the brand identity to the concept and suggestions, in order to present their ideas to the client.

• Tangible and intangible values of made in Italy products.

• Highlighting product values through a fashion events strategy.

• Defining a strategic vision, based on fashion events.

• Fashion event strategy in contemporary fashion scenario, including local and global values.

• Innovation in brand and product values communication. Fashion events settings that are “out of the box”.

Fashion Events Organization

This course aims to highlight the most significant case stories of fashion events, with a specific focus on the communication of highend products. The course will focus on the design process of a fashion event, defining all the technical details of the event organization and structure. The programme will place a detailed focus on technical installations and implementation strategy.

• Fashion Events case stories in the made in Italy fashion system

• Fashion event concept: in between creativity and the technical aspects of the event

• Fashion event organization and structure

• Technical installations and implementation strategy

Final project

Setting an event strategy, event concept and event organization framework on a made in Italy case story. In particular, the final work will be in touch with a made in Italy fashion company based on craftsmanship processes. The event will aim to highlight the main craftsmanship values emerging from made in Italy districts (the Tuscany area will be considered a model). The event strategy will take into consideration communication and event organization aspects, taking into account fashion writing and PR contents and all the technical details of the project.

• Event strategy setting

• Event concept design

• Brand positioning through fashion event strategy

• Fashion writing

• PR and Communication

Visit to Pitti Uomo Fair

Pitti Uomo fair is a strategic connection between high-end manufacturing chain and global fashion market. By visiting Pitti, the students will be included in contemporary fashion scenario and they will experience directly the Made in Italy values, understanding local manufacturing value and global fashion trends. Pitti stands and events represent a unique occasion to undertand fashion communication and marketing strategies for high-end products, as an holistic charming experience.