Fellowship in Diabetology

Semipresencial en Delhi (India)
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Tipología Training
Metodología Semipresencial
Lugar Delhi (India)
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  • Training
  • Semipresencial
  • Delhi (India)
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  • Campus online
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The increasing burden of diabetes is a crucial health issue in our society, and the correct diagnosis and treatment of this condition is a necessity. If you would like to learn more about this condition, the Fellowship in Diabetology offered by Emagister and certified by Medigrad is a great choice for you!

You will learn at your convenience using a hybrid learning experience that includes digital E-books, online content and online simulation training. You will also have practical sessions at partnered hospitals. All these lessons will contribute to a better understanding od diabetes, its diagnosis, prevention, and control.

Prepare yourself to provide a better diabetes treatment. Contact Medigrad through for more information.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

Enhance the in-depth understanding about diabetes but also will also let a physician deal with all relative clinical cases with an ease. The course will impart knowledge about management of diabetes and the treatment methods of life-threatening diseases.

¿Esta formación es para mi?

MBBS, Resident Doctor, Family Physicians, Private Practioner

Requisitos: Minimum eligibility for the course is MBBS with Medical Council of India(MCI) or State Council Registration Certificate.



Delhi (India)
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B-2/11, First Floor, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate, Behind Badarpur Metro Station New, 110044, India


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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Doctors Surgery
Medical PG
MBBS Degree
MBBS in India
Diabetes treatment
Diabeter management


  •  Module 1 – Introduction to Diabetes 
    • Lecture1.1Introduction & Epidemiology of Diabetes
    • Lecture1.2Classification and Types of Diabetes
    • Lecture1.3Pathophysiology and Normal Physiology of Diabetes
    • Lecture1.4Diagnosis of Diabetes & Understanding of Complications
  •  Module 2 – Non-Pharmacological Management 
    • Lecture2.1Evaluating Diabetic Patient
    • Lecture2.2Basics of Diet to Diabetic (Type 1 & 2)
    • Lecture2.3Required Alterations in Lifestyle – Diet & Exercise
    • Lecture2.4Management of Obesity
    • Lecture2.5Glucose monitoring and Stress Management
  •  Module 2 – Pharmacological Management 
    • Lecture3.1Oral Hypoglycemics & Drugs
    • Lecture3.2Insulin Based Therapy – Technique, Dosage, and Devices
  •  Module 3 – Understanding and Management of Diabetes Complications - Microvascular Complications 
    • Lecture4.1Neuropathy (Nerve Diseases)
    • Lecture4.2Nephropathy (Kidney Diseases)
    • Lecture4.3Diabetic Retinopathy (Eye Diseases)
  •  Module 3 – Understanding and Management of Diabetes Complications - Macrovascular Complications 
    • Lecture5.1Cardiovascular Diseases
    • Lecture5.2Hypertension
  •  Module 3 – Understanding and Management of Diabetes Complications - Other Complications 
    • Lecture6.1Diabetic Foot
    • Lecture6.2Skin Diseases
    • Lecture6.3Infectious Diseases
    • Lecture6.4Sexual Functions
  •  Module 4 – Diabetes – Special Situation 
    • Lecture7.1Diabetes during Pregnancy
    • Lecture7.2Diabetes in Elderly People
    • Lecture7.3Diabetes in Children
    • Lecture7.4Diabetes & Hypertension
    • Lecture7.5Diabetes & Hyperglycemia
    • Lecture7.6Diabetes & Cancer
    • Lecture7.7Other Situations