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Tipología Curso
Lugar Londres (Inglaterra)
Horas lectivas 90h
  • Curso
  • Londres (Inglaterra)
  • 90h

Objetivo del curso: Summer Interior Design course in London and Milan.
Dirigido a: graduates, designers and professionals


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16 John Islip Street , Chelsea, SW1P 4JU, London, Inglaterra
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16 John Islip Street , Chelsea, SW1P 4JU, London, Inglaterra
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· Requisitos

18 years of age and good knowledge of English


London - the principles of interior design at chelsea college of art & design, 25 june - 5 july 2012

course detail: you will enjoy the interactive nature of the class, which involves a number of practical exercises, studio talks and visits to showrooms. Throughout the course you will be introduced to the subjects of soft furnishings, hard finishes and lighting to help inform your planning. The emphasis will be placed on developing your practical skills, as we guide you through the design processes employed by professional interior designers. you will be introduced to three-dimensional thinking and analysis as you develop your concept and begin to plan and stylise an interior space. You will also learn the primary drawing and presentation techniques used to professionally communicate with future clients. With a wealth of unrivalled experience and expertise, our tutor’s practical approach will prepare you for a future in the design profession.

course outcomes: by the end of this course , you will have begun to develop a range of design related skills, and developed the confidence to start applying your skills to a domestic design scheme by yourself. You will leave the course with a number of newfound design-related skills.

Lead tutor: lyndall fernie is the lead tutor for interior design modular courses at chelsea college of art & design and is currently working as a design consultant for private clients and interior design companies, specialising in remodelling existing properties. Lyndall began her career working in italy as a professional fashion designer working with moschino and versace; later returning to the uk to work in public relations for a record label. She went on to study interior design at chelsea in the 1990s and ran a successful interior design company for 10 years, designing many high end residential properties in central london. Lyndall has taught across a number of london colleges, where she is able to impart her passion and knowledge of the subject. 


on the first day please bring:

  • a selection of 3 – 4 interior design magazines
  • a sketch book (a3 size)
  • a notepad, pen and pencil (hb)

all other materials will be provided during the course

milan - interior design workshop - space r-evolution at naba, 10 – 20 july 2012

course detail: lifestyle, art, and design in milan will be used as a research base to develop an interior space plan. Studio work and field trips will foster the conceptual development of possible interior layouts resulting in one original interior space design. The course is intended for students with an initial understanding and experience in interior design with the intention of further stimulating their knowledge and skills. The course will introduce students to a peculiar form of experience: being a designer means to be author of a portion of space that interacts with the whole. The point of view of any designer is a deforming mirror that records the world outside in the shape of our next projects. A walk through this “alchemy”, is the aim of this course. Interior designers must develop a deep sensitivity on the lifestyles of both mass and individuals. Making a project means dealing with the dimension of the city and the time of public and private living, listening to the background noise that walks on our side in opposition to our private pods. Our aim is seeking “talking wallpapers” to surround our bodies. interior means intimate: it depends on the distance from our sensorial devices. This distance is measurable, and, from a materialistic point of view, consistent. During the first phase students will be free to express their own research by means of any technique, hand drawing, digital graphics, a movie, etc. The contribution of digital media will help students to control the process, collect all the impressions and share the results of their surveys. The design research will be developed; working in class on a physical model, which will help students to understand the relation between the human body and material devices created to interact with the surrounding environment.

Course outcomes: students will learn how to handle and organize all their design skills and tools, into a complex and personal design process. At the end of the course students will have learnt to conceive an interior space as a portion of a wider and complex landscape and to perceive and analyze it through the italian approach to design process.

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