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Leading with Psychological Intelligence

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Nivel Beginner
Lugar Berlin (Germany)
Duración 4
Inicio 18/06/2019
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  • Berlin (Germany)
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Would you like to experience a leadership laboratory? Then you should check this course imparted by ESMT Berlin - European School of Management and Technology that has recently added to its catalogue.

Leading People and Teams (LPT) is a leadership laboratory aimed at enhancing participants’ abilities to address the complex sets of challenges facing managers in their leadership roles.

LPT’s helps participants to gain awareness of their blind spots as leaders and develop strategies to correct them.

Participants will learn how to influence decision makers in support of their initiatives, how to diagnose and remedy potentially toxic organizational dynamics, and how to bolster their leadership through a well¬ functioning, productive professional network.

The laboratory’s challenging but safe environment provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their experiences as leaders, experiment with different leadership approaches, and receive valuable feedback and support from both faculty and peers. The individual learning experiences are seconded by a full day of group executive coaching as well as postprogram followups.

Don’t miss this chance and increase your leader abilities with this course. Ask for further details through

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

Concepts and tools needed to better understand the principles of human behavior within organizations. Increase acceptance of their ideas and work requests and establish productive working relationships with subordinates, peers, and superiors. Further develop their leadership skills and remain resilient in the face of work- and team-related challenges. Post-program follow-up to support putting new skills into practice. Solid network of global contacts.

¿Esta formación es para mi?

This executive development program ist intended for executives leading diverse individuals or teams whose ability to mobilize the talents and efforts of others directly affects the successful achievement of company goals.

¿Qué pasará tras pedir información?

Thank you for your interest. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. With kind regards, ESMT Berlin - International business school. Nr. 1 in executive education in Germany (Finacial Times Ranking).

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comienzo Ubicación
18 jun 2019
Schloßplatz 1, 10178, Berlin, Germany
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comienzo 18 jun 2019
Schloßplatz 1, 10178, Berlin, Germany
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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Learning Styles
Social Competencies
Implications at work


  • Overview of critical psychology findings relevant for leaders.
  • Emotional and social competencies of leaders.
  • Exploration of psychological challenges in decision-making.
  • Learning styles and their implications at work.
  • Handling psychologically challenging work-related situations.
  • Dealing with necessary evils.
  • Overcoming internal barriers to change.
  • Facing adversity with resilience and perseverance..
  • Individual leadership coaching session.

Información adicional

We have designed an experience-based program for managers who want to become better leaders. As a result, LPI relies on methods specifically chosen for this group, including interactive mini-lectures, case discussions, peer consultations, and individual coaching.